Trading NA account for JP account

hello !
i have this NA account that i dont really use.

I’d love to trade it for a JP one.
Im not really picky about the servants or anything but i expect at least min 2 ssr (tho an account with cu alter/ arjuna alter / ozzy / amakusa / waver would be great)
Notable CE that i have are : Kscope, 2 fragment of 2030, prisma illya
for more info just comment or dm on discord ! ( Sera#0013 )

Why bother trading for 1 when you can start a JP account now and get upset 195 Saint quartz free as well as 35 summoning tickets, and half off AP on the main quest right now. Not to mention that summer starting over there and there will also be the anniversary and new summer events next month.

I just recently started 2 weeks ago and have already gotten up to 350 Saint quartz. I mean if you just want to have an account without going through the story, then I guess I understand. But ideally, don’t you want to raise up and put time into your own servants in order to best show your own personality through the game?

I already have a jp account
i have been for awhile, but cant really seem to get any ssr lol
and its not only that but this account was just laying around. (its my alt account)

I also started JP fgo and rolled demon nobu and summer Jeanne with other servants so don’t give up and try JP until u get the SSR you want like BB summer who is shit op