Traitfruit showcase - now with poll

EDIT: I added a poll at the bottom of this post!

With the latest arena rewards she’s finally done, now I just need the merges:

Which units do you wanna spend your mangoes for (or did already)?



And now the poll: When you use trait fruit, which asset do you choose the most?

  • HP - gettin’ tough like Arden
  • ATK - stompin’ like F!Dimitri
  • SPD - rushin’ like Freya
  • DEF - bein’ stout as Dedue
  • RES - stayin’ shielded as Ronan

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For sure these 2 gals

These two I’m hoping to fruit them eventually as well (since I only really wanted 1 copy of them anyways and don’t plan on pulling further, except maybe V!Henrietta for more Save someday in the future).


Right now only Petrine, the other I wanted are done already


Who do I want to re-trait? I dunno, I’ll figure that out when I get there.

Who have I retraied?
Sharena and Felix, that I can remember.


Leonie will be going +Spd and getting her high investment kit as soon she’s available. Coral Bow from the codes, Swift Sparrow 3 and Lull Spd/Def from my sole Catherine manual and a budget C skill as I’ve nothing good to give. Norne and Arete are the next grail projects so are next in line.

5 Done

Still struggling to decide on a mixed phase axe for her.

Waiting on a B!Claude for Atk/Spd Rein.


Leonie owns my fruits

All 200 plus
Tanya and Osian can wait
And as far as who’s got fruits already


These 4 have my Fruits:

I have used a lot of fruits

I think I will try to fix my mythic units’ ivs next.

More than I remembered

Not necessarily in order, although the first and last ones are. I have 100 again, I don’t know who I’ll go for.

I believe this is it for used


If the next 3 copies fail to bring +Spd

Other than that it’s likely going to be strictly Forma’s that get them, as my grail units (F!Robin, NY!Laegjarn, S!Loki, V!Veronica) I like having Neutral since any IV I give them is going to take away from a key stat (F!Robin being the only possible exception, but she’s more for a support role so unnecessary).


Just spent some traitfruits today and gave him some tasty food.

Now I just need Dive Bomb and Spd/Def Rein for him.
Said the guy with a +10 Jill and a +3 P Tibarn

Now P Naesala be nice to me and come home. I’ll visit Kilvas someday I promise.


Dat Blaze Dance though… :feh_alfonsewut:

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I have only a few fruited units


Five years and no Askr trio merges. Not like I care about any of them, but would it kill IS to give us a +1 merge? That -Def you’ve got hurt to look at.

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So far I’ve only used my fruits on one unit

also everyone in the OP except B!Lyn doesn’t have a favorite heart :feh_setethcry:


If the Askr trio got merges, just think of the imbalance it would cause! F!Edelgard would be childs play to a Merged Anna/Sharena/Alfonse.

I’m guessing a big part of the problem for IS may be due to how they set them as Locked into the barracks (making manuals of them not an option without reworking a bunch of things), they don’t want to give an omni-merges option since that would cut their $$$ coming in.

It would be nice if they did something though.

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The reasoning is quite simple, actually

One of the Askr trio is always an Arena bonus unit

Being able to merge them would give everyone access to a fully merged bonus unit and turn Arena scoring into a complete hellscape


I’m confused how this isn’t already the problem


Heh, I mean more of hellscape than it already is


Most of the units I’ve used the mangoes on have been for +spd. Cormag was for +res but other than that it’s just been +spd

As for who I’ve used them on/plan on using them on


I still haven’t pulled a +spd Mercedes so that was definitely a good choice I think

And I plan on using them on all my future grail projects and any formas. But in the near future

I know I could give them now, I have more than enough, but I just like to give them as I’m nearing completion :feh_nini: