Transitioning from Q&A to this Forum / Forum FAQ

Going from minimal to complex can be jarring! This guide aims to help you get a basic understanding of how our forum software, Discourse, works, and how you can get involved in discussion right away. If you want something added to this guide, just reply to this topic and I’ll add a walkthrough for it!

Why use a forum?

  • Proper moderation tools so that we can stop harassment and griefers
  • User contributions are tracked so that we can reward you guys for them!
  • Easier for staff to follow to find potential Writers/contributors
  • Flexible for socializing/community building
  • Feedback and posts don’t require mashing your refresh button!

Ok, umm, what am I looking at?

What, indeed?

Yeah, it can be overwhelming at first. Let’s break this down step by step:

Category: Fire Emblem Heroes
Sub-Category: Q&A
Topic: "Was this a Bug?**
Post: “Replies: 8”

First off, Topics are threads/discussions. They are sorted into Categories, which are like genres, and then further sorted into Sub-Categories. People add onto the Discussions by sending Replies/Posts.


Alright, so see there, at the top, the “Latest”, “New”, “Unread”, and “Top” labels? Those are different ways to organize the Topics you see below.

  • Latest sorts by the topic with the most recent post.
  • New filters out already read topics - only topics with unread posts within the past 2 days will show up.
  • Unread filters out that even further to only topics that you created/replied to or read for more than 4 minutes!
  • Top sorts by topics with the most replies.

It’s usually fine to ignore those filters and just read whatever is the latest post - these options are for if you have a lot of things to read.

Making a Topic

Click the “New Topic” button" to get started.


Type your title/question in the first box at the top. Then, in the box below that, choose what Subcategory to place your topic under. The Template will explain further down which each subcategory is for. Then, Tag your post with the appropriate tag if applicable (like if discussing a certain unit).

Delete the template text and replace it with your own text.

Once you’re done, just hit “Post Topic” and you’re set!

Responding to Topics
Standard Reply

Just hit the “Reply” button at the bottom of the page!

Specific Reply to another post

If you want to reply to a specific person/send them a notification, use the reply button underneath one of their posts!

Send another user a notification

Want to Mention a user so that they are notified? Type a “@” and then their username!
Like: @Impulse

Spoilers/hiding details

Press the Gear icon in your post toolbar and select “Hide Details” for it to give you a template!

Will there be any migration? Say I want to access a PM I sent back on the old Q&A?

Our dev staff are working on adjusting the profiles so that you guys can still access old Q&A discussions/replies via a .csv. Unfortunately I don’t think that we can get old PM’s up and running again…