Translate rom

I want to translate the Blazing Sword into Portuguese. Unfortunately in Brazil there is no translation for FE.

Do you know any mobile or computer applications that I can do this for?

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Hmmmm. I don’t know if there is one. Honestly, the best way to translate it would be to find out how to do it yourself, because I don’t know about any apps that automatically do it.


There must be one that is good, complicated is to know one that works well. And finding a European preference rom is not locked.

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Hmmm. Yeah, its really hard to find the roms. I’ll see if I come up with anything, but for now I honestly don’t know.

Good luck finding one! I hope its somewhere around here…

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As far as I could find, no Portuguese translation for the GBAFEs exists :pensive:.

Making a translation for these is harder than you think, there are some things you need to know for translating a game aside having an excellent writing in the target language.
What are those things? To put it short “ROM Hacking,” to have the game im Portuguese you need to edit the strings inside the ROM, most likely some sprite editing, etc. I’m not acknowledgable for making one at all but if you’d like to try I think might have some info for you.

If you’d like though you can use a translator (preferably on a computer) and translate the phrases you don’t understand or use which is a great dictionary for searching about specific words

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