Treecko's evolutions not yet implemented?

Note that this is a L100 Treecko, so the Evolution stories should already have appeared. What’s going on?

EDIT: I went on a couple of the Grass type Co-Op challenges and as it turns out, it’s probably not only me with this problem.

Yeah same with me. Even then I wouldn’t have the crystals to fully evolve it lol. Iirc it was supposed to be implemented on 30th Oct but they didn’t for some reason.

Same, but my reason is my crystal stocks have run out for this month…Tomorrow should be fine, I have 600k right now and a crystal.

They tweeted 12h ago acknowledging the fact that something went wrong and simply said they’ll give more information about it later, but nothing was said since.

Also, I got kinda disappointed about that evolution from what was datamined, it only gains stats after evolving but they always had the unit in the game, so it doesn’t make sense that they didn’t release it along with the game.

What I mean is: I assumed they were trying to change something on Grovyle/Sceptile’s kit and that’s why they delayed the evolutions but it only got some extra numbers, so why delay it for 2 months?

Just a guess, but I’d say they delayed it so they can release it as “new” content.

That’s a totally lame excuse but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true

damn now all these online people are flexing on me while i have to make do with this

The evolution stories for Brendan are available, they fixed whatever caused it and gave us 600 gems as compensation

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