Triangle Attack lewin for ARD?

Trying to find a decent unit to round out the team. I originally wanted YInnes but don’t have the grails for him.

Lewin wipes my max invested BHector, but what other typical ranged baiters will he fail against? Too many to be reliable?

Set up is still pending, just one I was playing around with.

Figured his desperation effect along with NFU and TA could be pretty deadly. I have a joint drive attack to fodder, and potentially 3 merges. If he seems worth the investment, rather than Special spiral fodder.

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I doubt he touches Henriette, even with triangle attack.
Ascended Fjorm is the best far save unit atm, 'tho she might need Deflect Magic 3, i don’t know for sure.

What’s your friend code ?


Im running the gimmicky 4 unit save square with a weapon less front line atm. Was just exploring other options.

Alms 3 movement seems to cause more problems than it helps when running catria giving everyone guidance.


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Nickname : Lysithea <3

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Maybe I’ll try to go all melee to make far save useless?

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Lewin isn’t on your AR-D at the moment, i cannot try it out.

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Changed it

Unmerged Lewyn doesn’t have the speed to quad A!Fjorm, and he ting ting ting Luna Henriette.

Yeah no don’t use that unmerged Lewyn, he’s not strong enough.

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I’m thinking of trying the all melee. What’s the point of trying to do both ranges anymore with save skills? They’ll just exploit it and rip your defense in half.

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Quad Lewyn is a threat, make no mistake. As others have pointed out, Henriette is a major counter (so put Micaiah on the team? Or maybe a Jorge even? He can potentially quad slow tanks witb NFU and he’ll tank the bonfire with his natural bulk, plus he might make Lewyn hit harder.)


I just can’t seem to find room without going in with 0 Defense Mythics.

I use Y!Merric and a red tome completely shuts him down. A!Fjorm probably does, too.

Double saves doesn’t leave much room for attacking. If you have blue Selena I think she’s a good try for the setup you show there. Basically you’re trying to attack at melee range and Selena is there to rule out a bunch of options that don’t work against a ranged sweeper

If you don’t, it’s an invitation to go all in, 4 mythics + support on one ranged tank that doesn’t even need to sac the A-slot. If you include a melee unit now they need to make a choice:

  • Let B.Alm chunk them for like half their HP, for free
  • sac the juicy A-slot for close reversal or foil instead of unity or 300SP stance. I looked at it on Norne and it’s a big sacrifice.
  • commit a team slot to near save, which means giving up the non-mythic support or 5HP and some other stats (defensive stat, for example, can make a significant difference) plus risking some ranged unit running around their ranged tank to hit the near save tank if they don’t use far save. Is it better just to have another dancer/ranged unit? Maybe that’s the big question.
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I do have her, not the best IV but I’m sure she’s still solid. Maybe something like this?

Giving away my structures, but I don’t like to jam up my formation. They get stuffed up snd can’t attack properly.

Idunn with bold fighter?

Who can realistically tank alm tho?

I’m guessing you don’t have Triandra?

Unfortunately not

Attempting the all melee approach, but thinking of throwing in Idunn to still target some Res. She doesn’t do anything to my hector of course, but that’s alms job. Wondering if she’d be a threat to any other meta units? Kinda relies on that special go do anything tho. almost like a res hitting Arden when she attacks.