Tried my hand on the ω DSH banner

With 200 orbs not too bad. Got 2 Selkies very early (my target) with about 50 orbs sad I didn’t get more copies but better than getting none at least

Then finally got a +Spd Amelia

And finally got a Helbindi to fodder to Celica

Not a bad haul at all I also got a Mist, NY.Lethe, and NY.Plumeria (+Res -Spd), but they are not important as much


Celica doesn’t need G-Duel Infantry 4.

Or am i wrong? xD

G-Duel Infanrty 4:
a Legendary Hero or a Mythic Hero, and unit’s stats total less than 175, treats unit’s stats as 175 in modes like Arena.

And Celica is a pair up legendary hero - she threads already as 175.

Waste of fodder? :frowning:


Or was it when I grabbed Times Pulse


Ok you have to admit Helbindi was a bit of a waste :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But don’t worry I’ve also done stupid shit before (specially at 3:36 AM as per your screenshots lol, like giving Reyson Duel 3 thinking he would be amazing on arena, before I learned Sing sucks)

Amazing Celica btw, she’s such a good unit.

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Was he tho, cuz think about for a sec, eventually we will see Duel 5 skills cuz otherwise older units will wither to dust even more as time goes on especially since current pair up Legendaries are sitting at 185 Duel bst… and when the day G Duel Inf 5 comes she’ll be ready to inherent it + more skills

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You’ve got a strong point there! Once Duel 5 is out you’ll be very ready for it

Also I don’t find many infantry green units that I could use in arena, I’ve been holding on to 3 Pents for a while but I already use Boey, so no clue what I’ll do with them. Maybe give it to B! Ike if I ever +10 him (he’s been sitting on +6 for a long while)

you have already a +10 Fire Legandary that scores 195 xD

Yah I mean I don’t have “too” many Green Inf units that would like Duel 4

While some could use TP, Rinkah, AF.Corrin, and Charlotte already has it and Lull A/R would do nothing for Rinkah/Charlotte and AF.Corrin has Lull A/S. Kana and Julia could both use Duel + TP, Orochi could use Duel + Lull A/R or TP, Echidna and Annette aren’t really built for Arena all to well. OG Edelgard could have used the Duel + TP also so I could go around with 4 different +10 Edelgard’s (once she’s +10 at least)

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I’m pretty sure Duel 5 would most likely only be 185 for Legendaries and 190 for normal… but hey if it does be 195 for Legendaries then bring it on IS I’m waiting


Very nice Collection. :D

Which unit would we like? :smiley:
Legendary Idunn :heart_eyes:

Yato F.Corrin… oh wait


Only Female xD

Because she still can’t wield her Prf Sword yet, but yet her twin can and will most likely be using it in his Legendary Alt… hopefully if that’s the case F.Corrins Brave alt will have her with Yato while M.Corrins Brave alt has him as a Dragon