Tried out Armorsmasher+ L!Marth

After talking on the thread about what freaks me out and me explaining why I can’t stand fighting against Picnic Felicia, it dawned on me that I don’t have a unit that deals effective damage against armors. So I got the idea of giving my near perfect IV L!Marth an Armorcrusher+, which was an Armorslayer+ from his gf, Caeda. Speed refined it, too, to get that higher speed for double attacks. It works wonders for me!

And even though L!Marth won’t deal effective damage against non-armored dragons, he’ll still guarantee double-attack and prevent dragon counterattacks as long as he keeps his B skill. At least I can properly deal with Surtrs and Picnic Felicias now.


It’s funny, since L!Marth in general, really only needs either Exalted Falchion or Binding Shield to deal with dragons. Both is overkill vs most dragons


Why L!Marth tho?

Reminds me that I want to sacrifice my Hana to give Owain Armorsmasher. :eyes:

He’s my most reliable sword user right now with his high attack and speed and very potent B-skill. You know how often you’d see dragons, armored or not! And besides, you can’t ignore those sexy IVs.

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I mean, that turns him into a meta-slayer, kind of

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That’s what I like to hear.

But hana is friend,fodder not severa :joy:.

You should have had an armor effectiveness unit along time ago with all these disgusting +10 armor units running around,now you need null follow up.

my only armor effective unit is a 1 star Hana

Eh lol Screenshot_2019-07-19_151346-1


I don’t run armour effective weapons. Never had that big a problem

I will consider this and probably do one myself.

I don’t have Null Follow-Up! :cry:

I’d like to see that Hana in action! Seems pretty cool for a 1* unit to wreck some powercrept af armors!

With her refine active, her offensive spread is 54/39, pretty good for a 1* unit
At best, I’d run Brazen Atk/Spd in the seal
So we’re looking at 61/46 and she runs Desperation


Wow! That’s crazy! She’s already got higher attack than a lot of Heroes do!

I don’t know how to feel that a 1*+10 Hana can reach 61 Atk. 1 more than a 5*+10 Corrin with +10 Atk.

Damn! I got lucky on tge 1st adrift banner and foddered him to hana

Lol yeah my sentiments exactly and I’m someone who has hana at 5*+10.