Triple pull of heavenly luck

When you just want dragon girl, but…

I rerolled yesterday for Leon but didn’t actually start the account until today

Now I have more Powerful Sync Pairs than I would ever want

I’m still going for Iris because she’s OP

We’re those your first ones for the 5*s though ?

Well, i got plenty of 5* if that’s what you’re asking…
It just feels good when you pull more than 3 5* in 1 go, you know?

I did that like 2 times today

Mallow, Lisia, Morty, Hilbert, Hilda, Plumeria, Elesa (Zebstrika), Caitlinn, Dawn x2, Pheobe and Lusamine off of Iris’ Banner

Kris and Sabrina of the Ticket banner

Holy hell…

And this was all in the span of 1 minute

…and I talk about my luck…

What did you do? Marry Fortuna?


I also just pulled a second Pheobe and Caitlinn and a Fantina

No Iris and I’m out of sources of 3K gems…

…YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN AFTER A HAUL LIKE THAT!!! besides, she might just pop up when u least expect her


But she’s a PokéFair

my 18k gems cowering in fear for the Diantha scout after what happened at Yveltal:

I got 3900 gems… aiming for seasonals… im screwed


I’m gonna Roll for Popplio and Maybe Rowlet

I’m just bummed Hala ain’t coming this time

I had nice pulls on a 3k pull and THEN was doing my 100gem pull and got my 4th Diantha