Tristan or Saber Lancelot for Free SR Ticket?

I’m finally down deciding between these two, but honestly, neither are utterly useless.
Here is my current roster of Sabers and Archers:

Tristan IMO. Lancelot is very strong, but in the end, he’s still all damage, which is overall easy to replace.

Tristan is not only story-locked, but he packs a combination of utility tools that makes him incredibly good in tougher quests. He’s soon to receive an NP upgrade, so his damage will become decent. Still needs support if you plan to use him as a DPS.

Lancelot is way more fun to use than Tristan. No support required except defense, self sufficient crit machine, and my favorite to field.

But Tristan is storylocked and has more utility, and I think an np upgrade coming up. Which is good since np is just a wet noodle that happens to create stars and np refund.

I’m not looking at Tristan as a DPS unit, since I already have Archuria for that (among other Servants), especially since most Support-type Servants are huddled into the Caster Class (thus making them weak to Riders & Alter Egos). The problem with Support-types is raising their skills, which is arguably one (if not THE most) ludicrously expensive QP and mat sink.

Saber-lot was on my Highly-Wanted Saber List, but since receiving Rama, Nero Bride, and Saber Alter in the gacha, I’m not too sure if he is still worth it to my roster. The more I hear about how fun he is to use and the potential for NP looping (but possessing crappy defense), the more difficult this SR Ticket decision is, though.

Yeah Saberlot may be fun but with Bride you have pretty much no reason to invest in him IMO from a pure mechanical overlap standpoint, I say as someone with 10/10/10 Saberlot who recently got 10/10/6 Bride. I’d consider him superior to Rama, but Rama’s kit is painfully vanilla his S1 notwithstanding.