Trouble With Fourth Sigularity Memorial Quest

I found out now that I hate Nikola Tesla I sent out my highest level lancers against them and 9 turns later they’re all wiped out by his OP NP. My top level fighters are shown in the link below. Is there some combination or a friend summon servant that I’m missing that can help me?!AkTCiemmYTB1g4YADAw-KV-P9_PF_A

Herc with his bond CE can solo it


You could try to borrow a friend Tamamo-lancer, and have her destroy him.


If you wanna do this with your own Servants…

Vlad as DPS obviously (I’m just assuming NP1 for everyone her). And either Jeanne or Mash as tank. I’d prefer Mash though.
Borrow a Merlin. Anyone from support list with maxed skills will do.
Do you have a CE with starting gauge? If so, use it on Vlad to help shooting his NP asap.
With Merlin you help the party survive at least one NP. For the second NP, I’d suggest using Mash’s Invul on Vlad (gives another 20% gauge at max level, which I hope you have). That helps Vlad survive the second NP.
In the back I’d place Jeanne as second tank and star generator (maybe with starting gauge as well, if possible); Parvati, since she has a targetable battery and class advantage, so she will deal at least some damage as well. And for the last spot maybe Lartoria Alter? She’s not max level, but she can still dish out a bit of damage.

But that’s just theoretically speaking. You have to try for yourself. Maybe you even tried this already.
Good Luck anyway!


Bryn works far better


Tesla has 3T invincibility pierce along with spamming his np, which is a big problem. It might not line up with the actual np, but often does. Def stacking with mashand vlad’s defender of the faith may end up being safer than merlin’s illusion if you can’t buff stack to end the fight quickly.

Could also try some charmlock strategies with the gorgons and mata Hari. He can’t use his invincibility pierce and charge gain skills if he’s standing around like a lovestruck puppy.


Alright, I tested it. My Vlad is NP5 though, so he hit’s a bit harder even without skills leveled.

Maybe it was RNG luck, but Lancer Alter didn’t even come out. Plus, I made some mistakes here and there. Thought Mash could survive with her DEF-Skill + NP DEF Up. Nope … She got destroyed.
Saved Merlin with MC Evade to save up his party invul.
And Vlad barely even felt that NP because of the DEF buffs + Class advantage I guess.
Then Merlin got killed with facecards because I was careless, not because of NP. So his party invul didn’t even get used.
So yeah. I think this should be doable.


Summer Tamo is usually my goto for telsa. You have the right supports for her, so just burrow one and delete him. I have faith in you!

Just use a support Merlin or use David

Indeed she does, she OneShot Tesla for me

they have the same bonus dmg multiplier which affects Tesla (150% at oc1) but Bryn has an 800% np multiplier at np1 vs tamamo’s 600% at np1. Plus Bryn’s self buffs provide better np dmg output Mana burst+np dmg up.

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You can just Solo the thing using Scáthach or Ereshkigal. Both of them will kill him fairly easily

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