True/Fake CEs not Working. How to aim for one specific manuscript?

Am I using it wrong or this 200% True/Fake rate CE is apparently useless on its own event?

I equipped for 200% Fake rate and one time almost all were True enemies except one.

Meanwhile, other times I still saw more True enemies than Fake enemies even with 200% “The Merciless One” on. It’s like it has no effect.

You can’t. Even 600% doesn’t give you a guaranteed chance. Your best bet is to simply equip full SoC and focus on Dailies of a specific brand, and hope for the best.


Those 2 Lotto CEs are useless.

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ARGH!! SO THAT’S WHY!!! :fgo_badciv: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_buster:
At 200%, 6 out of 7 enemies were 16,67% ones. Why this kind of “luck” doesn’t happen during my summoning efforts :fgo_badciv:

While waiting for replies, I just went back to full SoC and guess what. All drops were black manuscripts :fgo_deadinside:

Say goodbye to my plan to finish Fake lottery today…
The drop rate is too inconsistent.

That’s way different from how I expected these things to work, based on the Halloween event.


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But buster up and C star generation though

Regarding the event only :fgo_gudako:

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Oh yeah, in that case they suck

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Don’t worry, KnK rerun will be back to multiplying monsters rather than maybe sort of nudging monster spawn type in your favor. Plus you get shiki. Win win

KnK was so easy and so fun lol.

They are the rare ones where they are useful in general but useless during their events.