Truly...Camelot is a pain

Long time player, had to start over thanks to my stupid apple phone restarting itself. Fun fact, I never actually finished Camelot story the first time go around on my first account. Got sidetracked with the events and trying to build my servants through farming exp from quests.

Well I’m going through Camelot and oh my Euryale. It is hella annoying and towards the end, I’m finding myself spending one quartz to finish a quest off. Now I’m at Goddess Rhongomyniad and it has literally 600k hp and I only gots 1 saber servant, two if you count friends. My luck on pulling servants? Well…I got a lot of lancer and archer units(mostly 3 star and rarely 4 stars). What do you think?

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If I remember correctly, Mordred goes to town on this fight, so you can grab her from supports. Alternately, a bond 10 Herc should probably do the trick since there’s no degen like burning in effect.

Don’t sleep on Siegfried.

I think I beat it using a support mordred and a level 50 Caesar. Julius is pretty good for servant for that fight and not hard to get or raise being a three star.

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I don’t have siegfried. I only have that one JK saber, suzuka…
I don’t even have julius, which is ridiculous because i thought 3 stars were easy to get, especially from the free pulls.
My usual pulls? I got a lot of billy the kids, kid gil, euryale, diarmuid, robin hoods, and Cu chulauinn…prototype.

I really hate RNGesus…

What supports do you have? Maybe you can have one DPS and everyone else be supports.

Three stars are the SSR of the FP gacha. They are pretty rare. It took me like 6 months before I got a single Ushiwskamaru from it.

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Have you tried borrow Nero OG to solo-ed it?

Mordred is amazing in this fight because of the passive on her Phantasm. Goddess Rhon hits like a truck with that np, but if you’ve got someone with a highly leveled Mordred on your friend’s list, it’s actually not that hard due to Mordred also critting super hard with her kit. Bedivere is a good single target Saber for the fight too, least he was when I fought Goddess Rhon. (I had no st Sabers in my Chaldea sadly so this was hard for me). I wish you the best of luck! Congrats on beating the knights without throwing the phone though lol

Okita can solo the fight pretty easily

Yeah I beat the quest in 5 turns ( It was pretty quick) using a Black Grail NP1 Okita/ Nyanta/ Waver/ and plugsuit Tamamo caster. But that comp isn’t budget friendly.

Nah, I couldn’t find OG Nero…only bridal and swimsuit Nero. However, I got past Goddess Rhongo by borrowing Artoria Saber and surprisingly got past the first time without any saint quartz being used.

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I mean you can find it here :sweat_smile:
But congrats for finishing camelot.

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The round table knights were actually hella annoying with their stupid instant NP ability. Luckily(for me), I had a bunch of archer servants and Mash max leveled. How I managed with other lancer knights is beyond me. I do want bedivere really badly since the stupid summoning pool aint giving me even one single three star saber.


Oh wait, I could’ve asked the community, rip. Kinda new to the community so thats why i didnt ask the first time lol

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hey at least you can beat laltoria :fgo_buster:

I have a Lv80 4/4/10 NP3 siegfried if you want to slay a few dragon
but i didn’t do rank up quest yet

and CE with golden sumo?

If u finish Camelot, now u have to prepare for Babylonia. U have no idea how annoying Lahmu mobs in Babylonia then. They can spam Remove buff + def down 30% for 3 turn, so Mashu is “useless” and most supporters are having really hard time here. Their NP deal buster perfomance down by 100% for 3 turn (so no damage from buster).
And then there are Bel-Lahmu which have additional skill like decrease NP gauge 20% for f***ing 3 turn and NP that deals Art/Quick perfomance down 100% for 3 turn. Better u have debuff clear against them and strong servant to finish them quickly.
Lore-wise and gameplay-wise they are the most annoying mobs in FGO in my opinion. I can still hear their laughter even now.

If you’d like I can give you my friend code, got quite a few servants that might help you out. Especially in Solomon (three bond tens so extra damage and w/e). Just let me know, I’m happy to help any way I can!

For me, i manage to complete Camelot with Jeanne(before NP UP)+Mash strat and some Solid Friend Support (thankswhoeveryouare). The most annoying fight in this chapter, i think it’s our Treacherous Knight.

Even the knight mobs in this chapter is annoying