Trying out a new offensive team for myself. AMA

I wanted to try out a new concept that uses sain instead of another dancer for my personal made “kempf bad touch team”.

Because mostly, In concept I wanted to make something that could wipe out a map with little to no wings of mercy

Sian, for those who are interested, has the so much range that it makes Sigurd and the like look like armors.

So, he’s neat.

Sadly, I’ve also discover kempf has way to much hp still, So I added gate (to test the difference) and well, it buys me time.

@argenmendon used ur map cuz it was what everyone fears. New toys and turn 1 anti Mila

Anyway, I won’t be using gate. I’ll use my second lower merged kempf. :feh_stoopidkempf:

No, don’t tell me to use man cow, man cow limits positioning for this team. I’d rather have man cow on a different teams.

Also seriously, the player phase is fucking hard to use. And because of that it’s balanced.


this is cheating

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fuck duo units

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I perfer girl cow.

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IS should burn for that. Ngl.


As do I, movement and rng are everything

she’s also just so cute if you mute her


Spoken like a true fire emblem elitist.


I do completely agree with you though. The problem is, I am also an elitist


I ain’t no physicist but I know wats right. :feh_stoopidkempf:

I’m Soren, the elitist.



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That’s not nice. :D

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She… talk.

She is

I’m a nut shell

Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk


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yeah they’re all lame and cheap, I wouldn’t even take pleasure in using them. I haven’t used a single one. And they’re all the same thing with boobs and Atk/Spd Push 4.

And most of them fly. Flying is lame.

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She has a funny voice and says funny thing that hardly make sense.

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She’s silly… I’ll grant that. I just don’t like things that talk as much as I do.

there can only be one

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I have this person on my friend list, and their Lyon is an absolute fucking unit.

Everyone needs to see this.


I agree, that a damn good boi

Dude looks like a chick.

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