Trying to choose next S2 Medic

Hey folks,
I’ve been trying to determine which Medic I should E2 next - Folinic or Gavial. I recruited Gavial during the IS event a few times with great success. Her S2 regen ability was a life saver a few times. However, I’ve been having problems against Stun/Freeze effects which Folinic has resistance to, and then there’s her S2 for (supposedly) a little extra damage. I wasn’t able to recruit Folinic during IS or as a support unit.

Has anyone played with and compared these two operators? Or should I try a different medic altogether like Silence and Nightingale?

For reference my current S2 medics are Myrrh, Ptilopsis, Perfumer and Shining. Myrrh/Ptilopsis/Saria combo covers most of my Medic needs on the chapter 6 and earlier maps. I have noticed that I need bit more flexibility for events.

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So I can only give input on Folinic’s side since I haven’t done much with Gavial. When her skills are up she’s does some good healing and respectable damage, though nothing especially noteworthy.

I’ve noticed in particular she does well on stages with waves of weaker enemies (especially if there’s also big tough guys so you don’t want to have a lot of dedicated AoE operators)–with her S2 she’ll get some AoE blasts on them, and if they reach your front line she’ll be hurting them and healing your tank at the same time. She tends to have trouble if her skill is on when there’s ranged attackers coming and are in her range, since she’ll blast them instead of aiming where healing is needed. On maps like that, it’s usually better to position her so that the only “enemy” grid she can reach is directly in front of your melee operators, so that even with S2 up she’ll still always be hitting friendlies.
Also it’s a shame that her S1 tends to be ignored–it does allow for some extra strategies, like dropping an assassin on somewhere they’d normally get killed too fast to take out their target, or a bait operator far out to soak those annoying caster leaders with the AoE attacks.

Gavial will no doubt give the stronger healing with her regen skills (and will probably be a better bet if Integrated Strategies comes back around), but Folinic will give you a wider range of options.


I’m not a pro by any means so take my answer for what its worth.

But as Dazz_Antoni suggested (and you said it yourself) Gavial will have a better overall healing abilities, especially with her S2 that is strong and a "life saver"as you wrote.
She might not be the strongest Healer in the game, but I really like her and she is one of my main healer (in S2 and sometime S1)
I don’t have Folinic E2 yet but I can say she is usefull too, especially her damage enemy abilities. It can be used on certain occassion and help doing that extra damage you need while healing at the same time, but of course that will not be possible in ever instance. (for example on the previous CC Perma map, the one-tile wide coridor is a good place to heal and damage at the same time with the splash)
With every Pros you will have a Cons, and therefore her cons is not beeing super strong in healing (in my oppinion), doesn’t mean she is bad, of course not, but Gavial will be better for healing purpose only.
So it really depend what you are targeting, if you already are set in term of damage, if you need a strong healer.

I didn't see you posted your already E2 healer, so this part might be useless, but ho well

One thing I would note tho’, since you seems to say you consider other option, is that Silence is really good.
It’s not the best healer (or rather I think that, but I don’t want to get it on the head with a stick so I’ll say she is just really good : p ) but her S2 basically allow you to have 2 healer for the price of one.
Honestly it charge rather fast , even more if you have someone that give SP boost, and her drone doesn’t require Unit Limit (contrary to a lot of sumon) and you can place it anywhere in the map as long as there is a tile available.
So while I won’t advocate for beeing THE healer to raise, I would say if you’re limited in ressource/time and need an healer, she will be good on a lot more occasion.

Now that beeing said, the first two are still good, and based on what you already have, Folinic might give you that versatility in damage.
But if you really want/need a strong healer then go Gavial I would say (or Silence).


Since you’re interested in the Resist buff and HP regen, have you considered aiming for the upcoming Whisperain?

Whisperain is one of the rare units who can consistently grant the Resist effect and her Talent causes allies in range of her with the Resist effect to get HP regen based on Whisperain’s attack. Her HP regen isn’t as strong as Gavial’s, but it’s compensated by the consistent Resist effect. Her wider range of her healing also gives you more flexibility in the positioning of Operators.

She’s also featured on the Limited Banner for the release of Chapter 8 so if you happen to be interested in Rosmontis or Mudrock, you should be able to snag a couple copies of Whisperain in the process


That’s actually a really good suggestion!
It’ll probably be a few months until we get that banner though. Guess I have time to stockpile mats.

Actually it might come right after the upcoming Maria Nearl event.


As far as healing goes, that group looks fine to me, I wouldn’t bother with another one unless they do something unique. Whisperain as @Psychedeliccreature would be a good option.

Folinic’s an interesting one, but I’m pretty sure Warfarin is far superior. She may not actually do damage, but her buff is going to make your damage dealers do far more than Folinic is capable of.

@Dafty is right in saying that Silence is amazing and Gavial can be very useful too, but with what you have already you don’t need them

You have really solid healers. Have you given any of the skill masteries yet? I’d focus on that if you feel you’re a bit short.


Folinic for the armpit and no bra e2 art.

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Folinic for the armpit and no bra e2 art.

Guess I know who’s my next E2 :feh_angrynino:


I personally don’t like the RNG nature of Warfarin’s skill, it could go to someone useful or it could go to the defender that isn’t doing much damage even with it (like Cuora and her pool noodle of a baseball bat).

I’d like it more if it was like Aak’s (prioritize unit right in front) or went to her last healed (so you could kinda tell it’d be going to someone on the front lines).

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They all have their masteries and I’ve been slowly leveling them as high as possible. Both Myrrh and Ptilopsis are E2L60, Perfumer is E2L50 and Shining is E2L40. For the most part they do indeed cover most maps. But with IS, CC challenges and the heavier emphasis on stun/freeze/etc effects I’ve been struggling a bit. Either I can’t dump out enough burst healing to counter boss attacks, or the effects stun lock my operators so they can’t actually do anything. Hence my investigation of Folinic and Gavial.

Since Whisperain can buff her targets against stun lock she would likely be the better choice.

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This is interesting. I was poking through my unused operators and found Ceylon.

Both Whisperain and Ceylon grant resistance, but whereas Whisperain’s is only to her target, Ceylon grants it to everyone in range. Ceylon’s overall healing is slightly lower but her buff is better.

Ceylon it is.

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Ceylon’s S2 gives everyone resist while it’s active, but it takes 80SP that’s a really long recharge.
Whisperain’s S2 is infinite duration so she can keep resist up on her target for the entire fight.

I guess it depends what the enemies are, which one is better. Ceylon could deal with something like a big wave of frost bomb drones and unfreeze everyone, and Whisperain would be better against something like a stage with stun snipers which are single target and don’t come all at once.