Trying to expand Friend list

Need Fp bad!
Friend Code: 727,240,544
I posted this in another thread also. I’m In qp hell but working to max skadi skills soon. I’m also in the process of grailing my saber alter. I often switch my saber / extra supports depending on events. Sometimes i put kiara & nero bride in those sections, but for the most part it’s static.If supports are what your looking for skadi and merling will alternate. Most of my friends are already skadi looping , so she’ll stay up for sure. Hopefully we can all help each other. i have 60 slots open.

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Did you purge many ?! lol Or just never thought about adding friends?

On a serious note, I will be your huckleberry for an alt account that need love… A few support servants I see I could use for Variety .

IGN: Arthurmorgan

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you could always add yourself here to add other Masters here on GP

Make sure to ask or pm them first tho

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bro i had 50 mash accounts on my fp that were not active, lol. I accepted anybody at the time i started fgo. I just cleared them and now only have 14 friends, lol


Ha, Right I had to do the same thing at one point. Also…this is one of my alt accounts , so I hope you werent looking for mutual friend support list… Atleast not until i can lvl all them.

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Nah it’s perfectly fine. I really need fp , so if anyone needs support hopefully 1 of my servants can help.

Never seen this. Thank you.

If you have an Aoe zerker with a starting np CE, It will be easier for me to use and bless you with FP.


saw u posted on the megathread. Guess no one got back to you huh.

send me a request @ 642,539,715. I’ll add you. What’s your IGN?


The Reroll Account Genocide

I can make some room in my FL. As fellow Skadi users, we can help each other out.

FC: 978,074,295


Hey Psi…can you add me to that thread you made? Im a bit too dumb/ scatter brain and I think would would not be able to figure out the command thingy .

sadly i only have kiyohime and a regular scope. if thats good enough i can put her up. she can only clear doors and hands though :frowning:

sure, just post your friend code and in-game name in the thread and I’ll add you.
Same to you @d_real_love

Ok i did…But it looks weird.

I broke it.

Thank you so much. Your Nitocris will come in clutch for farming also.

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D-Real <3

Friend request sent. I wish I could be more helpful but I’ve only been playing for three months. Right now only have Skadi.

IGN: Ezria


its fine. just added