Trying to figure out if any of these forma units is worth buying

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The most likely answer is NO, but for what purpose would you want them?
Just to have?
Build-wise while they likely functioned well enough in HoF I’m not seeing anything on your units that really sets them apart from just “not bad”. Keep in mind you cannot use them for fodder or as merges for an IV’d copy of those characters, so you’re stuck with them as they are (well they can get more fodder, and be given merges, but that’s not the main point here).

Hi Tandor. thnx I was going to merge my existing Olwen into the forma one and try to build a team around it. But you make good points about them not being A tier units. I did try to get them the best skills I could. Don’t know how they would actually work outside forma mode.

Olwen is definitely the best option, but really the only star of her build is Ruptured Sky (Atk/Spd Solo in nice, and if she had a Rouse C would probably be a stellar unit worth possibly considering), but to me as is that’s just not enough to really seal the deal.

I myself got hosed by the RNG Skill selection so often I just ended up zipping through the chambers by the 4th or 5th day and calling it done.

I thought the atk/spd gap was pretty good too. couldn’t get a B Lull skill on any of my units

But she’s the one who would want those buffs, and she doesn’t get them from that. I don’t think not getting a Rouse skill is a big loss. Those skills are decent but not good enough for how rare they are. There are many ways to get visible buffs.

It is good, but it’s a support skill so it’d be better on another unit. A dancer that skill would be great, but for a nuke not really IMO (but then again it all comes down to team comp, so in the end it’s certainly “not bad”).

I had Reinhardt with Spd/Res Gap so he was buffing Olwen every round regardless of map position which was great.

The main reason I suggested her wanting a rouse, is Thunderhead+Solo, so it’s kind of like getting double/triple the benefit.

Yeah I see your point

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