Trying to get back into the game

I started the game on the the 1st day it launched in America. I played it for a few days before loosing interest and now I want to pick it back up again. I barely remember anything on how to play this game. Any tips can help me, but I’m manly want help on how to put a team together, what should I prioritize doing, how to make/upgrade armor/weapons, best why to not be wasteful of precious resources, and tips on over all best characters to use and characters to a avoid.

When I first started the game I rerolled for Levi. I started leveling up Elson, Mercedes, Mistychain, Ravi, Ras, and Montmorancy. When I picked up the game again I bought 50 bookmarks and summoned on the current banner. I got myself a Krau! Other characters I have are Aither, Hazel, Rima, Jena, Enott, Alexa, Mucacha, Pearlhorizon, Kiris, Carrot, Adlay, Taranor Gaurd (and Taranor Royal Guard), Alazea, Helga, and Kluri.

My characters are at about level 30, I’m rank 17, and I’m in chapter 3.

I’d definitely look at the beginner guide and go from there.

At your current state, I don’t worry too much about events. Clear them, but don’t farm them a ton. Work on the Story mode and get your first ML summon, continue to build out teams for Abyss, and do your dailies.

Remember to use all resources you obtain that refresh daily - so Abyss, Lab, and Raid (once you unlock it).

It’ll take time, but you want to progress in story to upgrade everything at your Sanctuary that matters initially - So Heart of Orbis (max resources/hr and bonus chance with a cap you’re comfortable with) and Forest of Souls (get all slots and start working on Phantasmas to get your key roster to 6-stars).

There’s a ton to do, but just be patient and keep at it! Good luck~

You may want to hold on on spending any resources until the collab, as well. We’re expecting something major there.

Other than that, probably just progress through the game to clear 10-10 and get your ML Summons (again, may want to hang onto those until the collab announcement is done.)

Don’t waste energy grinding lower-level hunts and focus on Abyss/Labyrinth.