Trying to help a friend

One of my friend just started a new account. He’s actually a returning player from NA (his account in NA was lost). He planned to return for some time already, so i recommended him to start now cause there’s lots of bonus for new players. I recommended him to reroll for herc and he did. My question is, for the free sr ticket, which one should he pick? As a really new returning player and none of the sr is his waifu, i think he should find an easy and good one to raise. But any recommendation is considered

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About the Lost NA account, it can be recovered, the account I currently use was also Lost after I accidentally deleted my game, I re-download it and talked with the customer support they ask a series of questions via email as proof if the account that you lost was really yours or not if the info you provide is valid they will recover your account in matter of few or 24 hours.

I play NA but I’m gonna say I think he should get Helena.

Good support servant early on is a god send, and she can support Herc better than Lanling (I think…)

Update here, he got skadi and casgil. Lol for beginners luck