Trying to Theorycraft a Speed Berkut

I know the idea sounds silly, but after giving it some thought, a DC tank build is boring. So, I wanted to make him into a speedy melee duelist to make mine unique.

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

For those who don’t remember, Flashing Carrot gives the user +2 Atk/Spd/Def/Res when the foe has 100% HP.

27 speed with merges and flowers, 30 with speed refine, 35 with Joint Hone Spd, 41 with Solo, 43 with the weapon. Plus a 7 speed debuff. All while still maintaining nice defenses. (Granted the Solo should be Spd/Res and not Spd/Def.)

I’m sure there are other builds that can make this work. (I also really want to use a normal pool weapon and I also want to stay away from Desperation.) What do you recommend I should do?

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Speed Berkut???
i’m actually building one


Friendly reminder that I made this in search of possible help.

(It’d be nice if there was a normal pool speed increasing lance.)

If you’re going for a speedy build wouldn’t Lofty Blossoms be better than Flashing Carrot?

flashing carrot is the only dual phase speed boosting lance :man_shrugging:
we don’t talk about the 100% hp threshold summer weapons :eyes:
Lofty Blossoms gives the largest speed boost of all the lances, though

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Mixed Phase is what I want.

“100% Foe HP” weapons are actually decent, tho.

They are, yeah, I don’t see why people rag on them so much
Their requirements are just limited to you being able to 1-round your opponent, or weakening them to take down with the rest of the team

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Fair enough I guess.

Yo, I think I’m kind of getting/seeing the vision for this build
Though the B slot can always be changed for a chill

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