Turn 'Co-op Sync Orbs' into 'Unity Sync Orbs'

I think this would help with people being able to get more since unity moves happen more consistently and I think it would promote overall better play. The Rayquaza event has made me realize how its not really a friendly environment in co-op when there’s a sync orb chance. It’s been a lot of people spamming rock throw or auto people usually completing the event even before there’s a chance for a sync move. Along with that, I haven’t done a course where more than one person has time to even use a sync move and that feels bad if you just so happened to not get it out in time. Another annoyance is actually activating the sync move, only to be interrupted by a unity move that finishes the course. I think making it dependent on unity moves would result in people getting more and actually caring about them.

Almost all of the co-op experience I have with the sync orbs is from the events so if its a lot better in the training courses please let me know. It just feels bad because I honestly don’t care about co-op orb chances because they can be so annoying to get and I’d like to actually feel like I can get them everytime its available.


Exactly. The point that Olivia is a co-op S+Tier makes it very common to breeze through Very Hard with just 4-5 Stone Edges, from each player.

It might improve in later events, though.