Twisted Wonderland Thread

I recently started playing the game this month but have been enjoying it a bunch. I went on a grind to actually get caught up on Book 4 but there is probably a bunch of stuff I’m still unfamiliar with when it comes to the game. By complete coincidence I started the day the Jamil banner started and his design was my favorite when I looked up stuff before starting to play.

I’m hoping there’s some other in the GP community that play the game. Even if it’s only like the Yugioh Master Duel where there’s a small group that talk about the game in a thread.

I would certainly enjoy talking about Twisted Wonderland and probably learning stuff from people who have played the game for longer than I have.


@Deadsocialskills @cinnamon_cheshire sorry for the random pings but didn’t you two play this at one point? :feh_eirikathink:



Resident Azul, Malleus, Riddle and Silver simp here. It’s a good side game to have, I’m having fun. Heya there!


I’ve been slowly trying to level up SR Azul and Riddle.

But my two favs so far have been the Scarabia boys! I have multiple of both Jamil and Kalim that are 30+ currently.

Azul, Riddle, and Lilia also seem pretty cool. Which is why I’ve been slowly leveling up the first 2 but I do kinda wish I had one of the higher rarity Lilia but don’t.


Another Scarabia bois lover


You’ll get along really well with @cinnamon_cheshire , they’re her favourite bois too. Personally really like those two as well, the nuances of their relationship really really sold me, hoping to see more of them in the future.

As for Lillia, he’s one of my favs too. :feh_ceciliaculture: Don’t worry too much about not having a higher rarity card of his, once you go really big on those summon sessions you’ll pick up SR cards of almost everyone. It’s slow, but you’ll get there. :catballoon:

Also feel free to drop your Friend Code, I have lots of space and am always glad to add a GP person. Though it might take a while cause exam season and I’m trying to keep away from my games and such.


The main thing with the not having Lilia higher rarity yet is just if I realized when I started the Jamil banner was right there I probably would have free picked someone other than Jamil. Since I ended up getting like 8 copies of both ceremonial and lab Jamil while summoning for the 3 SSR Jamil I managed to get.

So far all the characters seem pretty good but for me the Scarabia bois are just so good. I’m glad I grinded through the story for their book, I enjoyed it so much.

As for my FC, it should be RSjwj15L


I get you. This happened to me with Azul. I picked Ceremonial Robes Azul, and then immediately got so many of him on his Dorm uniform banner. Kinda made me wanna pick someone else. But at the same time, sooner or later, you’ll get them all, they’re gen pool.

Also grats on the triple SSR Jamil! :fgo_gaooo:


Twst has a great story courtesy of Black Butler’s writer. She knows how to set up character interactions and motivations with a twist very well. It’s always great to be seeing someone who enjoys that, cause it’s especially apparent in Scarabia’s chapter so far.

Sent a FR!

Player name is Adel, you’ll see my Azul on support. :catlove: Glad to have a Jamil lover on board!



I slowly want to get my Jamil SSR support higher level but recently I was side tracked working on getting my Lab and Ceremonial Robe Jamils to level 50.

I was actually talking with one of my friends, she doesn’t play the game, but we were discussing the character designs. And I think I sent something with Azul in it, might have been from Lab Jamil’s vignette, and her reaction was “Azul looks like he would fit in Black Butler”. And then I told her about the characters being done by the Black Butler writer and she was like “OH MY GOD, THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE”


Don’t worry you’ll get there. Also don’t be afraid to use the honey phials and other exp levelling stuff you get from Lessons , you’ll accumulate them as you go. Take it easy and slow, enjoy the ride as they say.


And lol, yeah. :catskully: There’s definitely the Black Butler-y feel to the character designs, and I love the mangaka’s art honestly, fits the goth vibes.


I do have a bit but I’ve been a little conservative with them after I had to use most of what I had at one point on Ceremonial Robe Jack to level 43 to beat the book 4 boss. I had to replace Dorm Jamil for that fight cause Fire/Void was not a good element combination for that fight so I was having some trouble for a bit.


Oh yeah if anyone has any tips on allocating resources for leveling character’s spells I would appreciate the advice.

I got both of SSR Jamil’s spells to level 5 each but have only leveled a few other character’s spells so far.

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This is understandable, so fair, very fair.

Personally I always save them for my favs, cause I always want them max levelled asap, like that’s the only reason my Azul got to 80, I hoarded them.

From my experience, level at least one spell per element to a good level where it can do tons of damage. SSR’s 2nd Spell takes priority cause combo magic is pretty strong. That said, I’m a bit of a hypocrite here, cause I exclusively hyper focus on favs.

That said, I find Lvl 5~6 a good place to stop and focus on other spells, like bring a good few characters you use per element to 5~6, especially on Spell 2 (not just for SSRs, but also for SRs cause it’s generally their stronger spell) and then go back to focusing on your fav.

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so many gachas

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Okay so I’m pretty good to stop focusing on SSR Jamil’s spells for now. And focus on the other Jamil versions and Kalim.

I should also probably level up SSR Jamil more since he’s the one I put for support. It might probably be fine resource wise to get him to level 70 without using too much.

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While there’s nothing wrong with hyper focusing(I certainly am guilty of it), you sometimes need the elemental variety (Exams come to mind). I found that having a bit of everything levelled just makes for a hassle free battle experience in general. So yeah, that’s my advice pretty much. :catdance:

And levels are always helpful as they’re a flat stats boost which is always welcome.


Yeah I have tried to level up based on some element variety and am starting to level more for the specific exams. But I do try to use at least one Jamil when I can.

Thanks for the advice!

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Favs before all.

Np! Np! Just have fun!



@Deadsocialskills Do you know what approximate levels for cards are good for trying the higher exams?

I’ve just stuck to Easy so far and trying to figure out if I should use a bit of my resource to level up some of the other cards first. Like how I have Azul at level 30 rn.

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Hmm, can’t say I have a definitive answer, but I’ll tell you from my perspective.

I started doing the Normal ones after I groovied 2 cards, my Riddle and SR Ceremonial Robes Azul. And if you put it on auto, you can be sure to loose sometimes, the AI can be dumb. But if you manual play exams and have elemental advantage, you’ll probably do fine if you’re paying attention to card draw. It’s probably a good idea to level your spells to lvl 5 on at least 1 unit you’re taking, preferably SSR.

As for Extreme: Offensively oriented stat cards can probably handle them if you levelled your spells and again play right with elemental advantage, as early as Lvl 65. Could be earlier, but I didn’t have the guts to try them before that. Defensively oriented cards or balanced cards could probably use a few more levels before you throw them out there. But keep in mind that you could loose them sometimes if you’re taking them on unprepared and not playing to elemental advantage and SSR combos. Granted SRs do very well too, but they’ll definitely appreciate any buddy bonuses you can throw their way, especially of you have a good levelled buddy bonus.


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So this team could probably handle the normal water exam then?

I can’t actually battle it until tomorrow as I already used my points today.

Also I used one of the keys from spending the cooking medals. After doing all the quests I’ve just been using the chicken recipe to grind medals. And the summon from the key got me Ceremonial Robes Lilia! :fgo_gaooo:

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