Two +10s in One Day!

Gotta say, I’m feeling ecstatic right now. I finished not one, but two of my merge projects within an hour of each other!

First, I scrounged up enough feathers to top off my Ferdinand. Thanks to 4 Star Focuses being INSANELY good, this is the fastest I’ve merged a character to +10. Thanks to pulling him at 5 Stars a couple times and having a stock of feathers ready, the whole project took less than a month. Now I just need 300 or so cavalry Dragonflowers…

Then, against my better judgement, I wound up pulling another reel on the Mythic banner, and of course, it’s almost all blue and colorless (my targets). The colorless were all junk, and when I selected the blue, I said, “I’m gonna laugh if this is a Tiki.” Sure enough…

And it was the last Tiki I needed! Getting two Tikis in less than 100 Orbs is more than I could have dreamed. Finally, this project I inadvertently started over a year ago when I pulled four Tikis in hilariously few Orbs is complete.

It feels so great to have two big merge projects done in such short succession!


:ferdysmile: :feh_tikiga:


I learn new emojis every day


That’s been around for a while


Woah! Tiki is frightening! Congrats for both of them <3


Congrats! I feel 4* focus is still so heavily underrated by most players, probably because they don’t know the exact math odds for pulling one copy of them at any rank on each summon circle (18.75% base chance). It’s a blessing for those who want potentially cheap and powerful full-merge options due to such high pull rates, doubly so if those heroes have decent skill fodder (Ferdinand’s got an excellent Rouse skill, Spring Narcian with Gilt Fork+ and Chill Speed, etc). Hope IS continues this trend in the future.


:feh_tikiga: was Bow
Blame Bow :ferdbirb:
IDK some of these emojis were requested then never used
Name one person besides Vader who uses this one


Even so, I’ve never seen it

Like, how many people know this gem exists?


Plus there’s a lot waiting to be added now.


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Post the builds! Especially the Ferdie!

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Okay, here you go:

Tiki’s got her Arena build right now… I also have a Bond-based build for her.


Yay! Congrats!

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Tanky boi

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Congrats they look super good both of them! :feh_nino:


I’ll eventually get my Ferdie done. Only+4 but he will get there eventually.

I see a lot of people using my Oboro emoji


Ye I use it when I talk about you tho lol

Honestly didn’t know that was Oboro, it looks like she is using glasses.

That is awesome,Luna!

Congrats on finishing 2 projects at once! It certainly is no easy feet! :fgo_ereshlove:

Ferdinand was easy to get from his banner,but still impressive nonetheless.