Two Actually Workable Crossovers

There have been a few crossover topics in the past, and generally it seems people aren’t a fan. Personally I actually tend to agree with this sentiment: not all FE characters are represented to begin with, so crossovers just detract from that. There are a few other reasons, but that’s the one I think I see the most.

With that in mind, I still think there are two crossovers that not only would work, but also be really cool.

The first is pokemon. This has been mentioned before, but it would have the FE characters as trainers, teamed up with a pokemon (in the style of TMS, which they already did a crossover of)

The second is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, with the FE characters as either a blade (e.g. Lucina as Falchion, wielded by one of the XC2 drivers like Rex) or a driver (e.g. a FE character teamed up with a Xenoblade character like Pyra, or one of the other blades). This could be really cool, as the styles of the games match up a little.
Mostly though I just think it would be really funny for Jin/Laura/Hinoka to interact with each other.


Boþ ðose are great ideas but I have anoðer

Imagine Sigurd getting burned to deaþ by Arvis but ðeyre boþ Lego minifigures and ðeres sight gags happening all over ðe place ðe tones shall so greatly as to create… true art. Also all ðe Lego games have massive amounts of playable characters so it’ll be likely but most importantly ðis would require official fire emblem Lego to exist to happen so it’s definitely a great idea


Alright, I admit, I’m down for Lego Fire Emblem.


Also I just þought of anoðer idea

in ðe ikoria mtg set ðey had special versions of various legendary creatures ðat depicted ðem as various kaiju from ðe godzilla lore why not do someþing similar wiþ fire emblem have various human or dragon legendary creatures from a set be depicted as fe characters


It’s certainly possible, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. We already had a chance during the Dragalia Lost crossover and got nothing when DL did. Also, the barren story structure of FEH doesn’t really support any crossover. They barely explain “alternate” events like Paralogues as is

That being said, I would go broke for Morag and Zeke


I just really really want a Dragalia Lost crossover. The characters wouldn’t be hard to transition into the game, there is already an established connection between the two games, and they live in similar-ish enough worlds. I think it would be a good idea to at least try doing one (1) crossover as a seasonal banner so that they can gauge people’s reactions to it :catroll:


I don’t know how DL works, but the point of these crossovers is that they would only be crossovers in the barest of senses; the FE characters would still be featured largely, because it is an FE game after all.

Like I said, based on my own feelings and the other threads on this site, I wouldn’t really want a crossover that has nothing to do with FE (I already don’t really like the TMS one, because the FE characters take such a back seat–I have no idea how it is in TMS, but they are barely present in FEH)

In both of these ideas, the FE characters would still take the spotlight, with the crossover characters being additions.


Sorry, my internet decided to commit Fire emblem dad, here’s what I was going to say


I love this statement with a burning passion




Meanwhile me, who don’t want for FEH to have a crossover thanks to the HUGE number of FE chara not yet in FEH in non-alt form


Except that was the point of this post. These would focus on FE characters anyway, so would be more akin to a seasonal. Plenty of characters just get thier 10th alt rather than new characters, so this wouldn’t be much different than the norm.


I’m with Kroeger. We don’t need outside influenced alts, or characters when we still lack so many from the actual series. Focus on those. Crossovers are just bait anyway, and divert resources that could be used elsewhere.