Two comments on Setsubun around Level 60

Spoiler warning here.

Comment 1:


Was not expecting the game to include a horse lusting after Raikou’s boobs. Was… definitely not expecting that… yup…

Comment 2:

EEEEEEEEEEE ohmigod she’s so KYUUUUTE we must PROTECT HER have we ever met Little Hassan before I don’t know checkswiki oh she’s in Hundred Personas’ Interlude okay new plan gotta level Hundred Personas bbq


Yeah little Hassan is adorable definitely loved hundred faces interlude cuz of it

Who cares about that?


as more and more jp only content get translated i understand where the doujin artists get their inspiration…


The story, as limited as it is, does explain some things for popular themes regarding characters. I haven’t finished Shimosa yet, but I have a feeling it doesn’t mention Tamoe playing too many video games in that chapter. So I’ve always wondered where her identity as a “gamer girl” came from. (If I’m wrong and it is Shimosa don’t tell me)

Also, Osakabehime was mentioned way before she was released in either Tamamo or Kiyo’s interlude - and now we have Benienma mentioned way before her release by Tamamo and Osakabehime. Hmm.


Tomoe gaming tendencies is in her voice lines I think.


I really disliked that horse part because wtf? Why would a horse lust after a (relatively) human woman’s boobs? Why would a horse have the same tastes human men would have? It made no sense and it doesn’t help that I also hate these types of pervy characters I’m so tired of them.

But otherwise, i really enjoy the hot spring scenes. I like watching all the characters with similarities interacting with each other. I’m on floor 61-70 right now and so far, my favorite is still the first scene. CasGil was so amusing.

(My favorite after-boss-fight scene was with Sherlock of course. The way he played off with Leonardo was fun. Getting forced to bungee off the tower tho hnnnng poor guy.)


Its like salter being way into food/hamburgers. referred once in their my room lines so we gotta pull a touhou and make that their entire character

Round Table: We need to be there for the ‘good and order’


This scene had me facepalm and smiling for at least 5 floors after.


That came from the Hollow Ataraxia VN. Saber was already quite the glutton but in HA, when Salter made her appearance and demanded food from Shirou, the usual food he made that Saber enjoyed was considered subpar/trash. It was revealed she only enjoyed junk food, AKA fast food (thus hamburgers).


She started getting into that after being summoned to Chaldea so Shimousa is not related to that, that chapter is pretty serious after all and Tomoe wasn’t really “enjoying” herself there.

And we also have psico Bedi

Very lewd

Tamamo mentioned Kiyohime back in Extra. maybe Osakabehime too, but I’m not sure about that.


It was both:

(yeah, the spelling is off). But you’re also right - in Extra both of these himes were mentioned as being friends through a chatroom with Tamamo, so it isn’t fully surprising that would carry over here.


I didn’t SC the scene since I never expected it but the scene with all the Shotas interacting with one another while Amakusa was watching them.

At first I thought no way DW is playing this scene this way but then Billy just had to chip in by pointing out the shady smile he was giving. By that point I literally face palmed and groaned at the fact they DID play it off that way.


Considering Amakusa is one of their money makers I don’t think the scene is supposed to be played as ‘Shiro deep down has a thing for shotas’ if that’s what you mean.

Amakusa when not in a serious story seems to like guiding and teaching children (as what he did with Jeanne Lily). It seems more that he’s just observing and admiring youthful kids at play, but to someone observing him it would look like something else.

Master of the miscommunication trope at work I think.


Yeah that’s what I was trying to jab at considering the underlying joke with priests or priest-like characters. I just find it both odd and funny really.

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lol honestly that didn’t even occur to me. I can’t believe that flew over my head. Yea, I’m even more sure it’s a bit of dark comedy now.

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Yeah, I agree that’s really weird conceptually. Maybe that’s why she killed her horse back when she was rider class in Shimousa.

@napras-sword With that robot bath scene we had Tamacat pretending to be a robot to fit in, and it made me question whether they’ll do a Mecha Tamamo Cat eventually. Jokes tend to become reality in this game after all.