Two Eldigan ideas (And Eldigan vs Cav Chrom)

Eldigan is one of my favorite characters. The guy has a certain style.
So I’d like to find a way of making him work.

Biggest issue is first Ares, who basicly eliminates the Dark Mystletainn option. Ares’s just a better user of it, simple.
Second is Chrom. Who’s very similair with his Sealed Falchion and statline, trading Hp for Atk/Spd

So what does Eldy have that Chrom doesn’t?
Three main things:

His Hp, and thus his magical bulk anti oneshots. 8 higher hp isn’t a small number.

Second is the fact that Eldigan has all his stats right out the gate, while Chrom only gets it after being damaged. Making Eldigan overall the better choice for tanking straight up. Especially on cav teams where he can boost his stats propperly.
Added to this, healing will aid Eldigan better since he doesn’t have to fear getting max hp.

Lastly Eldigan has a slayer weapon, allowing for better procs of especially skills like Bonfire or Ignis.

To counter this, Chrom does have 5 higher atk, 4 higher speed, dragon effectiveness and no recoil.
So yeah, that’s an issue. But lets still focus on Eldigan.

Do mind that both these builds are meant as cav team builds with a healer on the team. That’s important to set him appart from Chrom: Eldigan can get healed freely and Chrom can’t.

First build is a pure tank build. Reaching 55 def, easily 60+ with support and a guard effect. In ideal situations he’ll be able to proc Ignis on the second counter if he gets doubled. This build isn’t for fighting mages, but he can take on dragons that aren’t build for speed.

Second is the power of bonds. I find enemy phase cavs rather easy to use with bonds. His superboon in speed and a goad/hone cav goes a long way for prefenting doubles.
You can mess around with the combo of bonds, but I’d keep at least one is spd and one in def for optimal effect.

Edit: was brainstorming a bit and thought of something.
Eldigan can run dual brazens while dropping down hp with fury while Chrom can’t.
So how about forgetting the desperation and just face tanking this.
Though it does need some more setup. Brash Assault 4, when?

Any ideas are welcome

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I always thought that Eldigan with Dark Mystletainn with Aegis or Pavise could work in some way
but ares can do the same if not better because of his higher attack and speed

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Yeah, that’s the main thing with Dark Mystletainn. Ares surpasses his dad in stats (bar HP and res).
So Eldigan has to use a tool his son doesn’t have

Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. Can’t say I am big fan of the first build as he will be too reliant on a healer even if you plan on running him with one. A def Refine on Mystletain might be better if you wanna go pure enemy phase.

How about this? The Solo is a nice way for pushing his speed to acceptable levels and keeping up his bulk. And if it ever comes out as a seal, Brazen Spd / Def would be cool too.

Biggest issue with that versus my ideas is that a solo is hard to use with a cav team.
My ideas may seem a bit lacking on their own, but they’re supposed to run at least with some Cavalier support, boosting Eldigans stats higher than they look.

Also, I’d personally put chill speed on a more support ally (Staff unit, or a support focussed cav like Kaiden)
I do like the idea of boosting speed though, Especially with all the options nowadays.

Hmm… It might work with very good positioning (always 2 range, using goad/ward cav) to proc both the support and the solo. At least at the start. Using the brazen after and ditching the allies if needed.
You could go with brazen atk/spd in that case. (44 spd on his own)

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I can only work with what I can see here, so you might wanna add the potential support Eldigan would be getting to your post. I like to build units self-sufficent, that might be why it looks a little weird
I agree on the speed. His is totally salvageable, as is the case with a lot of Gen 1 units. Fury boosting three important stats instead of two for a purely defensive set makes his refine more attractive as well.
And it’s not like Solo skills automatically mean he wouldn’t be able to recieve supports. Stacking Goads and Wards is easily doable, just requires a bit of planning when it comes to positioning, but that’s the strong point of Cavalry in the first place. If you’re planning to leave him in brazen range after the initial combat, Vantage is a cheap and effective choice for the B skill too, he is kinda flexible there

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I don’t know what happened in my head with this build, but it looks pretty nice.

Worse Ares is still good :almdab:

Here’s the thing

Why should I mention the entire team, when what’s important is that they have the cav skills and one of em is a healer.

My build assumes cav teams, but not a very specific one.
So I just mention ‘this is a cav team build’ instead of showing entire teams.

And I feel using cav teams is important for Eldigan who wants to stack stats.

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