Two extra l!alms, what to do with them?

i recently pulled two extra l!alms and one happened to have a speed boon and a defense bane. i initially had one with a speed bane and an hp boon, so i never bothered to use him. but now that i have one i feel like i can use, i’m not sure what i want to do with the extras.

so i guess my question is, should i hold on to the alms for fodder? i don’t know if anyone in particular really benefits from darting blow since there is a swift sparrow 3. i also don’t entirely know who would totally benefit from nfu, but it seems like i don’t have a whole lot of units who could use it well, other than selena! or, is it worth making alm +1 and saving the other?

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His fodder isn’t super great, I’d say merge into the +Spd one unless you have someone who’ll appreciate NFU


I say merge Alm to plus one and then Fodder Darting Blow 4 and NFU at once to someone you’d like

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“Extra” L!Alms? As in, you already have him at +10? :thinking: Almost every Legendary is a good investment, unless you really need NFU fodder I’d keep and merge up every copy of him (into +Spd).


i’ll definitely merge the one! the only other unit i have that is supposed to be good with nfu is selena. i just don’t see a ton of use out of it, but i’ve been wrong about foddering/merging units before :((

thank you guys!

Null Follow Up works best on units with high Spd, units who want to prevent follow ups from enemies like Armors, units that can’t use Repel/Close Call, and units with abilities that let them use their follow ups to their advantage.

Take for example Lewyn, who can make Follow-Up attacks before the opponent can counter attack if his HP is high. Null Follow Up will stop enemies like Myrrh from denying his Follow Up. Or Athena, whose Prf refine gives her Desperation, which pairs nicely with NFU.

In general, ranged units and the occasional shapeshifter are good picks, since there’s less competition in the B Slot for them.

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Clearly it’s Loki
I think they mean units that have a wide variety of build options

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You can always keep the Legendary Alms around if you don’t know what to do with them. :thinking:
You can always merge them later if you need a merged Alm, or fodder them for Null Follow Up.
But once you do, you can’t go back. :feh_legion:

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Usually if an Infantry Sword/Lance/Axe unit has good enough Spd to want to run NFU, they’d rather run Repel/Close Call instead to lower the damage taken on trades. Hence why I recommend the ones who can’t run Close Call or Repel

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