Two furious boys - Dimitri and Claude showcase

Pfew, got through grinding for now. Hereby I present to you two very original fury builds!

Heh, anyway… It’s not as lazy as they seem. There are specific reasons behind it.

A build that shouldn’t look weird to anyone, but I can say it works.

First off, Lull is great. Lowering the enemy def means effectively boosting Dimitri’s def and res by 3. Add to that fury and you get 24 res. With my Dimitri he has 67 res.
Why is this important? To be able to attack blue/colorless dragons and live.

What makes him special vs L! Ephraim? Team support. Dimitri can get his team in with him to goad/ward him or even heal to ensure his weapon procs.

Ofc his raw atk (61 with lull) allows him to oneshot plenty of ranged foes. But he’ll likely won’t do the same for melee units. Which is good cuz that turn 1 galeforce is sweet.

This handsome fellow is a lot easier. First of the fury: Claude even with his weapon won’t take more than one good hit. But Fury stacks up with the cunning bow’s +5 spectrum and the buffs to make him a master at taking that one hit very safe and then switching to offence.

Sadly, Lull has no place in that idea.

Brazen atk/spd maybe more general a nice seal, but I like this on him. Helps his weapon, and he’ll likely only needs the debuffs on the extremely fast units to double shit like Karla.


Hmm cool Dimitri
Might have to try that if I get him

Nice! My targets were edelgard and f byleth,while I pulled edelgard with no effort,byleth took me 200 orbs deep and a lene(who is -atk :joy:) to get,but with +spd -res ivs,so thats a +.

Any plans to get more merges?

I’m still on the fence if I should keep Dimitri, I have Berkut already. And he’s running a speed build with decent bulk. I don’t know if I’d even use him :pensive:

Lene :eyes:
i wish Sword Valor was more available so I could pass on Sword Valor 3 and Safeguard+ to my L!Marth with Lene

Sensei marth Lol and list gets longer and longer,I was planning on foddering her off to ayra just to take safeguard just because,but after some constructive thinking I decided to give it more thought.

I want Lene to be demoted
I want to merge her lol
She has the best statline out of red dancers

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If I remember correctly, IS has never demoted 5* exclusives after the one chance after their banner ends :thinking:

Screw IS, screw Valor skills being 5* locked

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Literally Distant Guard got 4* availability before Valor skills :ikestare:

I’m gonna try and summon one more 5*
It’d be nice to fix that spd bane since he accually makes use out if it.

@Eflakis kill this guy and take his Claude

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Don’t tempt me

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@Eflakis Hey, not my fault that Claude is stalking me!

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I mean, you are summoning the colorless stones

I kinda want Dimitri because im probably picking BL…

But I have to save. I must.

I got Claude 1 in the second circle before I started sniping, and Claude 2 when there was no blue orb around.

@RoyAhoy I will say I’m really happy how he performs. He’s pretty much always gonna take down an opponent, and even greens need a good def stat or armored skills to take care of him.
Issue is the later fight, but running him with a healer helps if he misses his savage blow.

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Yeah that’s why I think an A slot like Atk/Def will probably be his best option but you actually have to get it. You probably won’t need fury since he’s gonna take damage anyway. Also desperation may work great on him with that savage blow for something cheesy. But the issue would be the movement is very restrictive that way

Yeah, I’m holding off on more premium fodder in case I get a good IV (even neutral could mean spd/def solo). The lull meanwhile is just really nice, I wouldn’t switch it out. It basicly gives him +3 atk and +3 def/res at least.
So Fury + Lull gives him +6 def/res, allowing him to attack green units and dragons safer.