Two new events will be released in July on CN server — How do you think about this?

In July there’ll be two major events on CN server.

• A whole new SideStory “ Twilight of Wolumonde”

(This SideStory event not only contains brand new “SideStory campaign” , new operators and new furniture set, but also contains one/more than one side mission(s). Complete the/those side mission(s) unlocks a/multiple “hidden stage(s)”

• Contingency Contract #2 : Operation Blade

( As far as we know, Faust, one of those two bosses in Chapter 5, will be put into CC#2 Operation Blade, along with the Avenger in Area 59 ruins. Yeah, it’s pretty likely they’re gonna put two sets of buffing contracts into ONE SINGLE MAP!)

TBH: When I saw this Dev team news, I realized that I did enjoy playing this game when they release events not as frequently as they do now. More events are great, for serious. Maybe I’m just used to old times, I’d rather spend my time more casually, grinding for what I want and leveling up operators that I like. Events like CC feels like those dev guys are yelling at me and forcing me to level up certain operators. After playing through entire 3 CC events, I’m getting tired by repeating those routine (I mean CC) again and again.
• Since EN server just went online for less than half a year, it’s pretty likely that EN server will release events more and more frequently. What do you guys think about this “Problem” ? Do you think it’s a good thing for you and the game or otherwise?


Yeah, this whole rushing to sync with CN is getting annoying. Banners are coming around way earlier and there’s no time to save enough Org as an F2P to roll. I can more or less comfortably R8 on the Global CC stages, but the first few days were definitely really stressful. I had to pull out a bunch of OPs from the woodwork, which delayed quite a few E2 Projects I was working on.

I get that they don’t wanna run on separate timetables, but throwing around so many events at once is just gonna end up burning some people out.

Totally agree. CN server is like, we’re gonna shorten the time between two events ( the same goes for banners), and make more and more contents for players. And in the mean time, EN server is like, we must catch up with CN ASAP so that we can release new contents simultaneously. The more events and/or banners CN server release, the more contents Global server needs to catch up. That’s not something players would like to see and to experience themselves. :joy:

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That’s my feeling too.
I can’t enjoy the game when they releases a new event every 2 weeks and i don’t regret others gacha games(F.o , Dx. ) i have left for this reason.(All of them releases one or two event(s) every month. Gacha games can be hellish )
Contengency contract was especially time consuming.
Many of my friends have upgrade an operator to E2 90, M3 skills or improved operators i don’t think they really like.(Feater, Shaw for example.)
I stopped at risk16 and now i can grind at my pace, upgrade ops i really love and even enjoy using area 59 to use my favorites operators and testing news or spend some time with risk 17 when i feel it.
I hope they will make a map like area 59 with no sanity cost where you can test/enjoy your skills with your operators or challenge yourself with all kind of risks to relax.

Yep. Events compresses the sanity and time we have for upgrading the operator, and I personally think it is extremely unfriendly for new players. But on the other hand, we must see that the game has been launched for over a year now (meaning old players probably have a lot of E2M3 operators already), so HJ is probably considering more for old players instead of new. Also, as a pure F2P (I haven’t spend a single dollar into this game but probably will start buying packs in the future), this is not looking good. Considering we only have 1700+500+700=2900 stable income of orundum weekly, two weeks could barely give us one 10-roll. In the past we could choose which banner to pull and which to save, this is not the case anymore. We are forced to pull the banner every two weeks, and the probability of getting new operators is extremely lower than before. But that’s just how it is. In gacha games, F2P don’t desire as much collection compared to their P2P counterparts. That’s just the rule, so can’t really complain on that one.

TBH, Arknights is literally my first mobile game and yeah, my first gacha game as well. At first I thought this is no more than a “anime-ish Plants vs Zombies” game with a bunch of waifu towers. Personally speaking, I think CC events are not only a brand new concept for tower defense games, but also a way to keep players busy when they already have one ore two teams at high level.
• As for that sandbox feature you said, it’s pretty much like the training ground that has been introduced to CN server with CC#0 Operation Barrenland. The only problem is, there’re simply only a few contracts available when CC event is not currently live. So enemies aren’t really that tough as they’re in a live CC event. I’m pretty sure Global will get this online soon, judging by how frequently Global is throwing out events to catch up with CN. :slight_smile:

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Hi! Welcome to Arknights and Gamepress Community!
Yeah, events like CC are designed for experienced players and P2W players. I’m kinda a P2W player, and I intend to collect everything I can currently get, like achievements and operators. As far as I know, some CN F2P players even did calculations on banners, like that mathematics thing, Expectations, to minimize their invest into banners as possible. I think that’s pretty interesting as well.

Personally speaking, I think Arknights is pretty F2P-friendly. New player banner guaranteed at least 1 6* operator, while players with a team of 3* operators can clear almost all chapters ( Chapters 7 might be a bit hard for 3* teams, but it’s possible). Each chapter cleared rewards players almost enough Originite Prime for a 10-pull.

For me, the following points are the reason that I would pay for:
• Limited 6*
• New Skins
• Leveling operators to destroy most stages
• New 6*
• Packs

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At this rate the Anniversary Banner is gonna come out before I can save enough rolls.

Cute Ws :slight_smile: I love her as well. :slight_smile:
I don’t know how and when Global will release that limited banner. The SideStory event “Darknights Memoir” is designed for W, and how she made up her mind to join us. It seems that the limited banner should be “SideStory limited banner”. However, the Anniversary PV suggested that W is “Anniversary limited operator”. That makes me confused. So, I can’t tell whether W is coming on Global Anniversary or she’s coming with the SideStory event. Maybe there’s plenty of time, don’t worry buddy. :slight_smile:


Personally, I like that events come so close together. While it’s true we may be falling a bit behind in power compared to the CN servers, it keeps me interested in the game even if I might not get 100% of the rewards (i.e. I didn’t manage Risk 18 on this CC event, but I got everything from the limited shop and some extra stuff on top of it). Personally, grinding the same stages for materials bores the hell out of me, so if we went 3-4 weeks at a time with nothing new to do other than just make our current operators a little bit better and then get one event (which usually can be finished in a day or two for each part), I would probably get bored and stop playing.
I will admit that part of it is I’m a relatively long-term player (started in February, so a month after release), so I do already have a strong party and can handle most content even as a FTP player. I know it’s a bit more frustrating starting out new and not being strong enough to handle new stuff as it keeps coming out.

Tbh I’m actually fine with slower events with 1-2 week breaks in between. Gives us a bit of a breather and more time to sort stuff out.
Not to mention that it can be time consuming sometimes trying to clear a specific stage.

It’s really a hard decision for me to make, but I gotta admit that you got that part right. New events often come with levels that drop rare materials at a higher rate, and fully opened resources stages like chips, LMD and EXP cards for operators, which makes leveling operators much easier and quicker than usual. So I think the main reason for me to play new events besides the story would be leveling up operators.

The constant events doesn’t really bother me at all for auto deploy makes event farming less tedious compared to other gacha. Add in that the game supports dual screen makes it so I still have access to my phone rather than just waiting around. Though the accelerated pace is quite problematic for saving becomes difficult for the banners that come with them.

That’s pretty much my only problem. I’m pretty resistant to burnout, but I can barely save a 10 roll before the next banner comes up.

Indeed. Even if there’re auto battle and 2x speed features , that weekly annihilation still takes around 15min per run. I always leave the game auto battling weekly annihilation inside my pocket and chances are, somehow my phone senses touch and switches to 1x speed by mistake, it’ll take almost half an hour per run. :joy: That’s really pain in the ass for me.

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One thing to keep in mind is you don’t need to do a 10 roll for the guaranteed 5* operator. The guarantee is that you’ll get one within 10 rolls, so if you get it on say, the 5th individual roll, the bonus goes away there. I’ve found it’s actually fairly uncommon for it to take until the actual 10th roll to get it.
So unless you’re aiming for the 6* on a banner and haven’t passed the 50-pull pity mark, it’s always better to do individual pulls rather than the 10-roll.
It took me a good 3 months before I found that out, and it’s saved me a lot of orundum

I do my rolls in singles to try to get the guarantee early. Joint OP and the previous Exu Banner disappointed me. Did the guarantee (10 singles) and didn’t get Lappland OR Texas. Everytime I feel the urge to roll now I have to remind myself that the OP can spook.

That’s the exact strategy I’m using on banners that I don’t really want to pull. Since this strategy has helped me save a lot of resources, I strongly recommend this strategy.

That wasn’t how it was for me these last few banners. Had to do the full 10 singles on Skadi, Mostima, Exu, and Joint OP banners.

Well, in that case, I think you can probably try to save your yellow certificates for those 6* in store, if you still need some operators badly.