Two Questions About What I Should Do

I am wondering if I should use my Grails on Gawain now since Edmond Dantes still isn’t coming for like 5 months and also I needed to know if I should just save all my quartz or maybe roll on this latest banner for Saber and on the other for Anastasia. Since well…CBC isn’t going to have Hot Sands again which is LOVELY! Don’t know why not!!!

We get 4 grails before dantes next banner, so go nuts on those if you really want to grail gawain now. As for quartz, if you’re f2p, choose a goal and stick with it. Throw a ticket or two to quell the urge if you really need to.

Ok thanks I need to stay strong lol I really want him and if I’m lucky I’ll get 5 Copies and make him truly invincible!