Two Say'ri's, huh?

So I, by some twisted magic, managed 2 free Say’ris with the tickets.

So that means I have some Close Call fodder to work with. (Repel is superior but we’ll work with what we got.)

So I think I know what Imma do with it and Kestrel 3:

I do plan on buying the pass again for Roy.
Now all I need before it can become reality is a new easy access unit with Kestrel Stance 2, and another Ferdinand.

And before anyone asks, no, QR refine is not entirely necessary, but it does help out in cases where the foe tries to screw over my follow-ups.

So yeah, that’s fun. Any ticket luck over here or… nah?


I got a 4* thong man… Er… I mean Barrier A… I mean Mustafa.

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Looks very cool!

I got a Say’ri too but I ain’t got a Ryoma :feh_elisad:

Anyways I’m only just noticing how good Roy’s respendant art is :feh_flaynsmile:

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Garbage on all 9 tickets, can’t say I’m surprised. I never get anything without having to overspend.


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