Two things I wanted from Feh channel that we didn't get

  1. I wanted some kind of update to the Askr trio units. Wow are they bad in 2020. They need some migration path I feel.

  2. I wanted changes to arena scoring to encourage more units. I really hate the scoring mechanics. I’m glad they changed the bonus points for the bonus unit - makes your actual units you want to use get some kills, which feels good. The scoring mechanics are just flawed though. I wish they would change them.


I’m honestly surprised about the Askr Trio. I thought that they would have given us a story map where the Askr Trio “evolves”.

Whether that’s the ability to max merge them or they give us new units entirely (like updated ones) I can’t say, but I really couldn’t care less. We need some way to add merges to them.


I wanted TT/GHB mass refine. I got nothing.
I expected nothing, and got nothing, cool right?
Another event that could be nice but still, and the presentations of the news heroes, we can say there wasn’t a lot of thing in this book 4 FEH channel… We expected that though.


Completely agree with everything you said.

The new only needing a bonus unit to get 1 kill is crazy. Since I already was using both +10 OG and Brave Micaiah, now they can actually tear through all armor teams and I only need to worry about my bonus unit killing 1 out of the 4 armors while the Micaiahs can nuke the other 3.


While it wasn’t mentioned in the FEH channel, we did get that :feh_hridexcited:

As for the trio on the other hand…yeah RIP


I was more thinking how the score was calculated with merges and skill costs, not just the bonus unit calcs

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Well how would you rather it calculated then? Because if I’ve invested a lot into a unit, them scoring better than any old unit I throw on my team makes sense. BST on the other hand is a different issue…

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They’re going to do something that other gachas do.
Just make new versions of the Askr trio and limit them to summonable 5* units. Maybe even make them Legendary/Mythic. Brave Exvius and Dragalia Lost are doing it, so ■■■■ it why not FEH.

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Sometimes the best skill is not the one that scores you points, and this has always bugged me. I hate the Rally X/Y skills. I just don’t want to run them, period.

I think arena can work like arena in the actual games - you just keep going and going and going until you die or quit. The longest run until you lose a unit would make the mode a lot more interesting, and the game can pair you up against progressively better opponents.

Like AR, there should be a real spot to your arena defense team too - not a defense symbol on a team spot, since the seals could change from time to time. I don’t like that either.

You could also score based on time to complete, as an alternative. But I like this idea less.

Some ideas to get the ideas flowing. There’s gotta be something better than what we have, because it genuinely sucks and is counter-intuitive to the way people play fire emblem.

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Lol only Eirika even has one on my core (well Catria too but her and Kagero tend to switch spots)

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I like getting really high placements, like top 300, just to secure my rewards. But I wish I could enjoy the mode while I did that :/ Rally skills don’t make me have fun. I don’t want to use them, but i have to. Every point counts, and it’s stupid :/

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Yeah. I’m just glad since honestly aside from Eirika my arena core wasn’t really good at the whole cheerleading thing.

(This was my attempt at a support Catria with what she already had. And like I said her and Kagero switch places often)

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I like using Catria and Kagero too.

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Yeah. Like my problem was that Catria scored better but Kagero was more useful for if I just couldn’t get the kill with my bonus. But now that I only need one Catria will be able to actually do things, and galeforce could come in real handy for arena.

Yeah, I don’t use Catria for arena - or any unit that needs a dual skill - I try to avoid it. For blue, I’m stuck on my legendary tiki. It scores higher than a +10 budget unit, so I figured I’d save myself the features and just use tiki since she’s +6 with full flowers and maxed out skills.

But I do use Catria a lot in pve when flyers are needed - I just like using lance flyers. I have a number of them built up for different purposes, like Clair, Catria, and Est are my main ones.

Kagero is also a really good pve unit. I use her in arena sometimes since she used to be on my astra defense team until I benched her. But she’s built up, and she’s much better in pve and arena anyway. She also has close counter since I tried using her for offense, but her hp is way too low for that.