Type Advantage

Hey, I’m fairly new to Pokemon Go (just 1 month in) so I got a question.
I was training with the electric leader Spark in Ultra League and my pokemon was Rhyperior as I thought the type advantage would be useful.
Here’s my Rhyperior for reference.
I was against his Magnezone and he built up an attack. I didn’t use a shield because type advantage and he hit me with a zap cannon. To my surprise, it was super effective. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Magnezone also has the Steel move Flash Cannon, those would hit a partial rock type super-effectively. That confusion from your eyes would be my best guess.

There is no way an Electric-type move like Zap Cannon can hit your Rhyperior effectively. The only explanation is you mis-read something, either the part about how effective it is or the opponent’s move. Flash Cannon, which is also another move used by Magnezone is Steel-type which can hit your Rock-type part of your Rhyperior super-effectively.

Here is how Types Advantages work in Pokemon. Keep in mind they are a little different on how they function in PoGo and Main Series Games, but the general structure is the same.

Immunity- Receives absolutely no damage from the type match-up regardless of power, level or “how impressive the animation”. For example, a level 100 Dialga, the God of Time uses its signature move Roar of Time on a newly hatched level 5 Igglybuff. Roar of Time will NOT do any damage simply because igglybuff has a Fairy-type, which is immune to all Dragon-type moves. Immunity DOES NOT EXIST in PoGo. See “Double Resist”

Double Resist- Receives only 1/4 of the damage dealt. Typically when a Pokemon is Dual Type (has two types) it has a potential to double resist attacks in certain match-ups. For example, Gardevoir, a Psychic/Fairy type Pokemon will only take 1/4 of any Fighting-type moves used against it, because each Psychic and Fairy types resist Fighting. *OPPOSITE: x4 Effective (For example, Rock-type attack on Bug/Flying Scyther is x4 Effective due to each Bug and Flying being weak to Rock.

Single Resist- Receives 1/2 of the damage dealt. The most basic of Type Advantage concept. Water beats Fire, but is weak to Grass etc. For example, Fire type Charmander takes 1/2 damage from any Grass-type moves because Fire resist Grass. In the case of dual types, only one of the type resist the attack. For example, Lantern, a Water/Electric type takes 1/2 damage from Water types moves. *OPPOSITE: x2 Effective (For example, a Psychic Type attack hits x2 effective against Terrakion, a Rock/Fighting type.

Neutral- No bonus damage given or received. For example, Ghost-type move used against a pure Electric-type Pokemon. Also the “best cast scenario” for all Normal-type moves. In cases of dual types, it can either means neither of the two types provides resistance to the incoming attack or there is a cancellation of Type Advantage. For example, Metagross, a Psychic/Steel type takes neutral damage from Fighting-type moves because while Steel-type is weak to Fighting, Psychic-type resist it. Therefore, weakness and resistance cancels out, thus neutral damage.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, you also need to consider STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus), which essentially means, a Water type Pokemon using Water-type move Hydro Pump (attack power 110) will get additional 50% damage bonus to Hydro Pump, Compared that to Lugia, a Psychic/Flying type using Hydro Pump, Lugia’s Hydro Pump only gets its base 110 damage because Lugia doesn’t get STAB.


Thanks understood now.

Isn’t that 20%, and not 50%?

In the main series games, STAB is 50%. In Go however, it is just 20%, but it’s still significant.

Originally it was 25%, but was lowered to 20% at the same time as super-effective damage was increased to 40% from 25%. Now, SE-Damage is 60%.

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