Type balancing

Dear Pokémon company,

Why do you hate Ice?

Seriously though, as a typing, Ice is terrible. Though Ice attacks are strong against a number of (important) 'mon, Ice-type has no resistances (resisting your own type is pointless). As it is (at least in PoGO), Ice-type is only useful in niche raids where the attacked 'mon is well known and conditions are optimal (i.e. double weakness). Why does it seem like meta-balancing in these games is so…random…and bad…

Really feeling it in ML where I think “Oh, I just need good ice/grass coverage 'mon and I’d be set” and then there really aren’t any. And the ones that are ‘there’, just don’t do well (sorry Mamoswine/Roserade).


Mew says hi

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Interesting idea…takes loads of cTMs tho to get the Grass Knot or Ice Beam. Personally, mine is in UL at 2480 so I’m remiss to spend :100:s of RC to max it out. :woozy_face:
Point still stands, Ice-type got shafted in the meta. :grimacing:

Yes the Ice type got shafted on resistances but you can get Ice moves on non-Ice type Pokemon.

But lacking STAB, those moves are effectively nerfed. Avalanche is a killer move but no non-Ice-types know it. Ice Beam is decent but lacking STAB will perform worse than say Thunderbolt or Rock Slide.

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Ice Beam Mewtwo says hi.

The terrible weakness/resistance profile for Ice-types has always bothered me. 4 weaknesses (Fire, Rock, Fighting, Steel) to a single resistance (Ice) arguably makes Ice the worst type in the game, defensively.

Ice’s weaknesses all make sense, but its resistance profile could definitely use some love. There’s no reason why Ice couldn’t resist some combination of Flying, Grass, Water, Bug, Ground.


Take away the rock weakness and give it a resistance to flying, grass and water, plus instead of resisting to itself it really should be immune to itself.
A lot of things regarding the type weaknesses and effectivnes don’t really make much sense.

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Resisting Dragon-type would’ve basically eliminated the need for Fairy-type (since that was created to wall Dragon and Dark types). Resisting Ground would also make sense; Ground is only resisted by 3 types (and Bug has always been weak). But I don’t know…a lot of the typings in Pokémon don’t make sense (how is “Dragon” a type??? What is the difference between Steel and Rock? Isn’t Steel a kind of rock? How come Dark is weak to Bug and not Fire?).

Steel is an alloy of mostly carbon and iron, so it isn’t really something that occurs naturally. So that would differentiate it from Rock. Also, steel would be defined as a metal as opposed to rocks, which are primarily minerals.

Now if we really want to get technical, Fire should be really OP in Pokemon because, let’s face it, aside from Water, Rock, and maybe Ghost, everything else should get burned/melted by fire. :wink:

Japanese cultural reasons from things I’ve read and heard about the typing logic. Insects are pretty much revered for their cooperation within their species which ties in with the (possibly) prevalent belief in Japan that the collective is greater than the individual. Contrast that with Dark-type which is closer to “evil” in Japanese and has a lot of moves that reference underhanded tactics: Sucker Punch, Bite, Pursuit, etc. Fighting or “Hero” is strong against Dark because it’s directly opposed to it and “the hero always wins”. So it would make sense that something embodying the collective conscious would be strong against evil. It would also explain why Dark and Bug are strong against Psychic which, arguably, represents the individual.
For a Western interpretation, a lot of insects thrive in the dark. As you point out, though, it doesn’t explain the lack of weakness to fire.

Also, don’t actually quote me on any of this. I could well be talking out of my arse as I’m just going off memory from when I looked into this very thing before, but it’s still a more interesting answer than “Eff you. Game balance lel” :p


It’s not meant dark as in absence of light. Dark is actually the english name, the japanese for said type is the evil type.
Now how come is it weak to bug? I think the reasoning is that dark is many ways the opposite of psychic. Psychic’s weaknesses are based on fears of humans, which are bugs, ghosts and also evil(dark). Dark doesn’t care about ghosts(guess why…), however at the end of the day, all evil has a weakness and the reason for bug is very likely that despite being the opposite of psychic, they share similarities.
It is also a common trope in media that evil people often have an irrational fear of something that’s not actually threatening.

Now when it comes to bug, I do think it should resists both psychic and dark, for the simple reason that bugs absolutely don’t care about such complicated things of human nature and if they feel like biting you, they will do that.

Now what doesn’t make much sense is…
steel resisting psychic
water resisting ice, instead of being weak to it. Water freezes when exposed to low temperature, aquatic live dies or goes dormant, or swims away, much like birds fly away from the cold, which makes flying weak to ice.
ground not resisting fire
ice not resisting flying(how does wind hurt ice exactly, if anything it just makes it more unpleasant for everyone else) and water(no water with a source of warmth doesn’t count)
steel not being weak to electric
fairy resisting bug
bug not being weak to poison
and yeah, normal being weak to fighting as well. The original idea might have been that it’s weak due to weaklings losing to stronger opponents, but with how the normal type looks now, being mostly represented by mons that are based of real life animals, that doesn’t make much sense. Should be weak to poison tbh, considering pollution is way more threatening to those than meatheads beating them up…

All in all, I would change a lot of things.


Ice is a good type. In the MAIN GAMES. There, you can OHKO things and swap freely, making the weaknesses not being a large problem. Stab Ice Beam, Icicle Crash and Ice Shard is a HUGE thing against dragons, flyings and grounds. However, here in GO its bad because its weaknesses can be exploited heavily due to the game’s mechanics. The lack of abilities do them no favours, either, as in the main games Mamo can shrug off fires with ease and slam OHKO EQ. Unfortunately I don’t think Niantic can really mess with type attributes, so maybe giving them even more OP exclusive moves will fix it?

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That’s actually an interesting point that I’d not personally considered.

also bugs have night vision, and thus can target the darkness’ weak spots.

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Ghosts are good folk. They’re just dead folk. #endghostdiscrimination


Dead people are people too!

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Unless they become pokémon. Then they get to use Shadow Ball and stuff.


Good trade-off, tbh


10/10 would decease again