Tyranitar question TM use

I just evolved a Tyranitaur. Level 20 / 2172 CP and 15,13,13 ADH IV.

She has Bite and Stone Edge (with a 20 weather bonus on Stone Edge.)

Reading here, it seems like I might would want to try using a TM on her to fine tune the move set.

It seems like the risk of getting Fire Blast on the charged side is not worth it, but what about trying for smack down, or is smack down even available any more?

Thanks for any help!

T. Steele

Smack Down is no longer available.

Yeah, definitely get that double Dark moveset. If ya get Fire Blast? Such is life, keep on trying :slight_smile:

Welcome to the wonderful world of the TM roulette, where something that should be a statistical improbability like spending +6 CTM’s and still not landing the move you want becomes the norm.

Sarcasm aside, for raiding it’s usually better to have mono-type movesets. There are exceptions but outside of maybe a single niche case Tyranitar is not one of them.

Smack Down was a Community Day exclusive, obtainable only by evolving a Pupitar into Tyranitar during the event hours or by catching a Tyranitar during those hours (luckily raids made this possible). Therefore it is no longer obtainable.

With the above information your best moveset is Bite/Crunch. Just keep dropping Charge TM’s until you land it.

To clarify, that is Lugia, which is weak to both Dark and Rock moves.

If none of your Tyranitars have Smack Down and you need Rock attackers, Rhyperior is a good alternative and Aerodactyl is also viable. Rampardos hits like a truck but cannot survive for long.

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If you want to minimise Charge TM use, an option is to teach Tyranitar a second charged attack. If that is Crunch, no TMs spent. If it is Fire Blast, you only need to use 1 Charge TM for a guaranteed Crunch.

Stone Edge as an additional move for BI/CR Tyranitar isn’t very useful for raids as per TheBiggestLeaf and hkn - only useful for foes weak to both Crunch and SE like Lugia. It is helpful for PvP and by extension Team Rocket where CR/SE are the optimal charge moves. Bite, Ttar though not as good as Smack Down Ttar is useful in PvP.

Another option is to wait till December, where we may see all past CD moves being introduced, and evolve a new Ttar with SD. This is only speculation however and we won’t know if it’ll happen till after Nov CD Day at the earliest.

Without knowing what OP’s dust and candy situation looks like I wouldn’t recommend going the 2nd charge move route on a Bite Tyranitar. 75k dust and 75 Larvitar candy can be quite the hefty cost just to save on the TM roulette. For reference, OP could power that Tyranitar up to L30 for that amount and have some candy left over. If Tyranitar had an expanded charge move pool then maybe, but with every TM yielding a 50/50 shot at the move you want it seems frivolous.

I’d maybe consider it on a Smacktar to make Rocket Fights go a little quicker with Crunch’s lower energy requirement.

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Thank you all so much. I learn so much more than I start out asking here! What a great resource!

T. Steele

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I used a charged TM and got Crunch! First try! So now I have

Tyranitaur CP 2552
Level 23 1/2 (need one more candy for level 24)

ATK 15
DEF 13
154 HP

Bite 6
Crunch 70

Thanks again!!,

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Do you usually raid in large groups, or do you not have a lot of people to play with?

Smaller groups… usually my wife and two kids…

Yeah I’m gonna go slightly off topic, but my next suggestion would be to try to get all your counters up to level 30 or even level 35 if you haven’t. I used to raid in groups of 20, literally full lobbies because no one understood that you get more rewards when raiding with smaller groups. I never really powered that many things up, so once my group stopped playing as much as me, I was I didn’t really have any strong counters, but I did have a lot of dust, so I powered up all my useful pokemon to level 30, and some to 35 if needed, and I was able to shortman a lot of raids with people. You probably knew all of that, but I’m just saying this just in case.