Tyranitar question

I have a few of these with 3000-3300CP from commuty day that I never use because of their mixed moves or Smack Down and Crunch.

Will it be better to TM the charge move into Stone Edge to add to my rock attacking squad or TM the fast move into Bite to add to my dark squad?

I would never TM that move away.

But if you have six rock attackers you can consider boosting your dark team. Dark however shares effectiveness with ghost, so you really only need two dark TTar max because there are Gengar, Mewtwo and Giratina O.
Regarding dark as a psychic attacker, there is also flying, so I would definetely prefer to have as many Tyranitar as needed to complete a full rock team.

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Never TM Smack Down away, for the simple fact that you can’t get it back. To date, it’s one of the best Rock attackers in the game, only really being challenged by Rampardos who has better DPS, but a substantial drop in bulk.

If you really need more Dark Tyranitars, just go out and raid for one.

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Gens 3 and 4 had many Psychic-type (and Ghost-type) legendaries. Gens 5 and 6 have none, so once Deoxys leaves Ex-Raids, Dark Tyranitar will only be useful when old legendaries return (the Latis already have) and as a niche gym attacker (into Drifblim; for general clearing, use dragons, Metagross or Raikou instead).

Thank you all for your answers, it seems the consensus is to TM the charge move into SE to make them rock attackers. Do you know if a rock squad will be useful for future raids?

Rock will have use soon, with Entei shiny release, but after that, i dont see much target, unless Niantic will( again) return Lugia or Ho-Oh( which they like do, lol). Gen 5 have few legends weak to Rock, but i dont think, gen 5 will be realeased soon.

Chiming in with the “DON’T TM SMACKDOWN!!!”

If you absolutely must get rid of one, find someone to trade with. Trade them a Smackdown Ttar for a Bite/Crunch Ttar - people will jump at the chance to do that because Smackdown is an Exclusive and many, many of us don’t have a good Rampardos yet.

Kyurem and the genies exists so yup