Tyranitar Worth It?

So, having finally gotten the candies together, I have two Larvitars/Pupitars ready to become Tyranitars. I have a 15/14/14 Larvitar and a 9/15/11 Shadow Pupitar, but with Shadow Larvitar being more readily available with the grunt changes, I’m wondering is it even worth taking the Larvitar and making it a Tyranitar when apparently Shadow Tyranitar is so much better. I’m even wondering if I should delay on the Shadow Pupitar and seeing if I get some better IV Larvitars first. What are your thoughts?

I am just using my shadow tyranitar, never my normal one The normal one is only interesting with CD rock fast move

It sadly got outclassed as both rock and dark in terms of DPS. Can work as an anchor at times.

Rock: Rampardos and RW Rhyperion.
Dark: Darkrai and Chandelure.

Not sure about the shadow, it seems too expensive for little improvement (when compared to the others)

The shadow is great. Use it as my top dark attacker, its tdo is huge. But i got a 96 percent one, so I was sooo tempted

I still love my Ttars but in terms of non-shadows there are so many options that do what they do - Rock, Dark and Ghost types - that outperform it and at least another 3-4 are broadly on par with it.

Shadow Ttar is currently the best thing going outside Megas in both categories, save SB Sh.M2 which is limited to 3, maybe 4 and each time requires an ECTM. Edit: As @stativision rightly says, Sh.Weavile is better for DPS in certain cases, but is more glassy - depends what you prefer.

I already have 2 Rock Sh.TTars and 1 Dark Sh.TTar, but I suggest doing what I’m doing this event: Catch as many as you can, pick the best ones, TM them and split them. Evolve half now for Dark types and store the other half for the next time Smackdown is an evolvable move - unless you have a surplus of EFTMs.

Your 96% non-shadow, store it for Mega-Ttar. Up to you if you evolve it now and have it as dark, or wait for a chance to make it rock. Remember, you’ll need 2 Mega TTars because Smack Down is a fast move and so you can’t dual-purpose it, at least not with maximum efficiency.

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Perfect summary. Just one slight addition that shadow weavile is sometimes better (more DPS) than dark shttar - but way more fragile of course.