Uh oh. Duo Ephraim is back

My god that 40 free summon makes this MEGA tempting. I’ve always wanted to merge him up and this would help, but I’m already saving for Myrrh. Plus he’s the only Duo unit I actually like since it is thematically appropriate and not some silly seasonal thing.



Do you have a Duophraim already, and if so how many merges?

If you don’t then I don’t see how this would really help, so…

There ya go. If this doesn’t help you then I don’t know what will, lol.

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Just ask yourself how much you are willing to use him.
Just for barrack decoration isnt worth the orbs…

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That’s the thing.

I would really like to fully merge duo Ephraim and the 40 free summon would give a boost due to the extra copy, but I know that it wouldn’t be a particularly great idea to go for it.

But it’s still mega tempting. But maybe since I don’t have any copies to start with, it’s likely not worth it.

Then don’t do it.


Yeah, that’s probably the best call.

It’s a good thing I’ve got people on here to help talk me out of summoning.

Right now I have a total of 400+ orbs (some are in presents list and story missions I left alone), so statistically I have enough orbs to get the last 3 merges of Myrrh. So I guess if I save even more, I should definitely be able to finish myrrh when she shows up again.

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