Uhh..... Idunn in Tempest Trials?


This is me just complaining really, but I think Idunn needs to get the Surtr treatment in Tempest trials. (The fact that Sutr was so OP that they removed him from TT and Training Towers just shows that they were not thinking at all when they made his stats) I’ve encountered her 4 battles in a row and it caused me to lose a team and a lot of points as a result every time. And don’t say “She has vengeful fighter so just let her attack first!!!” Cause I tried and it didn’t help :/ Why does IS have such a hard-on for armor units? They make so many armor units that are objectively better than almost all units that are ridiculously op… anyone else having trouble with her in Trials?

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No, but I recently got KO’d by a M!Morgan.

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Not even my Kliff can kill her with repeated attacks. She needs to die from TT and everything else.


I don’t get why people hate Idunn. She’s annoying, but it’s not hard to kill her tbh. She doesn’t have DC in TT either, so why the rage? I don’t get it. Also, she’s basically a Surtr counter.


I understand Surtr but not Idunn.


You know what’s worse? My Lene died to a Sully…

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any micaiah kills her
if you have one tho


I’m running Alm on my team so Idunn is no problem. She drops like a fly to Double Lion Falchion.

I find the boss Flora to be far worse. Huge HP and huge Resistance to ensure that her weapon debuffs you makes it nearly impossible to ORKO her outside of a speedster packing Armor effectiveness. She’s also hard to safely bait because of Bold Fighter.

I think I’ll end up bringing my Idunn next time I attempt Lunatic just because of her.

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Sully needs to be nerfed - she’s too OP.


Ok but like everybody says the same thing about Surtr: “he’s not that big of a deal if you have the right counters”. Yeah, but those stupidly specific counters are good just for Idunn but then they die before the end of all 7 battles… and maybe I want to use my favorite characters instead


Give your favorite characters Armor Effective weapons.

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I’ve always disliked Idunn since she got released, obnoxious statline, stupid weapon. I’m lucky enough to have my Alm obliterate her but the same goes for Surtr. Yes you can counter them, as many people have stated, but that ether REQUIRES you to bring a specific counter for it (which is lame as people like to use their favorite units) or for you to either lose a unit or a team. The fact they removed Surtr says a lot about how obnoxious he was to a lot of people that IS had to take him away from the random enemy pool. The worst part is she shows up alongside Flora, who also has an incredibly stupid statline. I don’t get the obsession IS has with armors.


I can’t give Kagero Cloud Maugoui :confused:


Ok looks like I’ve figured it out. My beast team has been working really well. I dunno what Naesala has that Brave Hector doesn’t, but apparently he works well against Idunn


Puh-lease, I laugh at Idunn and Surtr. I face them with a Slaying Spear Sharena and Tibarn, respectively. I rarely struggle with them.


I Just Send Shield Pulse Def Tactic Nowi.

Flora’s Iceberg Do 13


He’s not an armored unit so he doesn’t have to worry about her armor effective weapon. He also has flat damage against her due to the large Spd gap.

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Surtr got banned because Sinmara makes it really hard to not lose units on high difficulties, but Idunn is just a H!Myrrh with some more stats. And yes, I know she has her Demonic Breath, but it’s really not as bad as Sinmara no matter how you put it. Even if you don’t use a dragon or armor effective weapon like Falchion (Alm is a bonus unit if you have him) or the many armor countering units, she doesn’t have Distant Counter, so any decent blue mage will kill her even if it isn’t in one turn. Assuming you’re not using bad units or four greens, Idunn is not that hard tbh.

If you have Micaiah, she’ll hard counter both Idunn and Flora, so if you have her, she’s worth including on your team.

Also, IS makes armors the best because that’s what sells to whales. Armors are high-scoring in arena, so whales +10 premium armors and IS keeps making new units/skills so they buy the new unit.

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I don’t know if I’d say Micaiah hard counters Flora… her inflated atk and res stats + her weapon reducing atk makes her magical bulk stupid good. Not saying Micaiah can’t kill Flora, just saying she isn’t that hard of a counter.


laughs in broken unit