UL Challenge: My team beats yours (Try and score points)

So a fun theorycraft thread. Premise is to post an Ultra League Team. Say moves. and which is Lead.

Then post a team that dominates that team. Obviously has to win lead, and have swaps/both other 2 pokemon well covered.

Now, the trick to the game, is to score a point by bringing back a team you posted earlier in the thread for a second dominant win.

So I’ll start with say
Obstagon (NS/CC) – Lead
Tina-O (SB/OW)
Registeel (FB/FC)

Obviously someone will come up with a team that dominates that one. But if I’m watching the thread, I’d score a point when I can bring back that team to beat some future team.

This thread could become really tricky if people play defense and try to dominate without making a team dominated by some previous team.

Lemme know if I did this right/this qualifies-
Hitmonchan- Counter, Power-Up Punch, Ice Punch - Lead
Gyarados- Dragon Breath, Aqua Tail, Crunch
Charizard- Wing Attack, Dragon Claw, Blast Burn

It should. Whether Hitmo farms or I swap, you have a counter swap. Now someone has to beat you

I’ll go by the team I always use in the UL and may do it against @donniep4 :

  • Lapras (IS + Surf, Ice Beam) - Lead
  • Cresselia (PC+ Grass Knot, Moonblast)
  • Gira-A (SB + Dragon Claw, Shadow Sneak)
    Althouth the Hitmo will hit my dear Lapras, it’ll resist with its bulk and prepare itself for neutral damage; turn to Gira-A, expecting Gyarados, one shield to Crunch, keep attacking; Lapras return, Hitmo thinks it’s time, but Cress shows up. Charizard wants to rescue; the Moonblast will cause damage. Gira-A comes back, another shield and faints. Lapras finishes Hitmo and hits Charizard hard. It’s all on Cress. She’ll do it.

Not saying this because I have massive pride in my team (and correct me if i have anything, like the timing, wrong) but does this scenario actually happen as planned? A multiple powered up, unshielded Ice Punch would hurt Gira, your switches seem to be happening very fast, and Charizard resists a non-STAB Moonblast from Cress. Not only do I not think this dominates my team, it almost feels like a 50/50, mainly because you’re leading into a weakness. Maybe I’m underestimating Lapras’ bulk

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I agree. Without Future Sight or two shields, Cressalia isn’t going to beat Charizard. Even a best-case-scenario for the 1-1, Charizard wins with 6 HP. :grimacing: Same for Gyarados v GirA, esp. without AP and even that requires a buff to win. Rearrange the team and I think you’d get a win: GirA, Cress, Lapras.


Here I’ll try one vs. GirA/Cress/Lapras with a slightly off-meta team, hopefully I understand what I’m doing:

Articuno (IW/AP) - Lead
A-Muk (DP/AS) (Cress counter)
Obstagoon (NS, Ob) (Lapras)

Feel free to correct if I missed something; I’m not super sure Articuno dominates, I’ve never done that matchup : D The Muk should be also able to clean up GirA and Goon can take both Cress and Lapras I believe.

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I’ll go next.

Pyroar (Ember+FC/DP)
Escavelier (Counter+DR/AS)
Gyarados (DB+AT/Crunch)

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I’m tempted to say I could score a point off this bringing back my team but I wouldn’t guarantee it.
I’d win Lead and if u didn’t swap I’d win match. I’d also win match if u swapped to Escavelier against my Obstagon (who would face TinaO)

But if u swapped to Gyarados, things would get dicey and youd have the edge
I might swap to Registeel, where if you commit equal shields and gain control of swaps you’d win
I might stick with Obstagon, but that would likely leave me unable to beat Pyroar on his return

So close to a point… but I cant quite claim it

@captpepperjack I’m kind of in the same boat here with my Hitmonchan, Charizard, Gyarados team. My lead is a positive, but a switch to Gyarados means an awkward mirror, but after that I’d bet my Hitmon + Char to beat Pyroar + Esc, but not confident enough to actually submit it

Lapras is as bulky as a salty lake (225HP)! I’ve seen it taking DP and CC from Poliwrath and Machamp, unshielded and surviving (Shadow Machamp is a different story). True, it’d be a 50/50, but that’s what I like: tight wins/losses with tension in the air. Just last night, I had a battle against a very similar team proposed by @cloudysarah (was it you?) - except from Articuno, they had a Cobalion. The fight got the very last second, with the opponent taking the win. I also saw my Lapras, in another battle, winning against a best-buddied Umbreon.
As for Cress, it’s interesting when people assume Moonblast and a Future Sight comes. Poor Venusaurs!
I’ll try the team composition as you folks are suggesting as I’ll see how it goes.

In that scenario, I likely would only commit one shield on Gyarados (expecting Zap Cannon). So its a 1-1 and I would likely squeak out a win. That said, Escav is usually my safe swap since it has lots of resistances and Acid Spray to soften opponents. But generally speaking, you would probably win due to having lead advantage with 'goon v Pyroar.

Sure you would’ve won with that team? Opponent would’ve switched immediately to AMuk, winning vs Gyarados which led you to escavalier getting in vs Articuno, that’s only a situational win

Pyroar wins v Articuno; if he switched to A-muk, Escav beats it easily (wouldn’t put Gyarados there). If to Obstagoon, Gyarados would be switch and probably win there too (barring some nice baits and boosts).

Gyarados would also be an ok decision (that was in my head, since escavalier can deal better vs Articuno later). But also, if AMuk had snarl (that’s not disclosed), it can win in the 0 and 2-shield scenario. I’d expect a win, but I don’t think it’s a very clear one

If they swap from Articuno (which they should if they don’t land an AP), I wouldn’t worry about Articuno coming back. If they do, Pyroar eats it. :yum: Plus, Escavalier has Acid Spray so it probably wins the 2-2. My experience with a team like that is that its a pretty guaranteed win barring some bad baits or perfect sac swap, that kind of thing.

Of course, the point of the game is that even a “bad matchup” can flip if you are clever and have the right timing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Its not strictly a spreadsheet combat game, there is some strategy and even “blind stinkin’ luck” in getting wins.


You only should worry if you lose the opponents swap, this is why I thought: oh, if AMuk uses two shields, it could lose, if you do not go for two successive shield baits with acid spray. If that’s you usual tactics, don’t worry, your team wins ;)


The goon beats cress in quite a lot of situations. And if you lose the lead, you’ve got a really hard time with the residual team. Personally, I’d chose another lead here

But if I got the game correctly, you would be up vs

Pyroar (Ember+FC/DP)
Escavelier (Counter+DR/AS)
Gyarados (DB+AT/Crunch)

From @captpepperjack

  • sorry for the interruption;)

Yeah I was gonna say every new team is supposed to beat the most recent team submitted