UL team recommendation

My UL pokemon:
Drifblim 2378cp 15atk/ 15def/ 13hp Hex/ Shadow Ball/ Icy Wind
Meganium 2405cp 15atk/ 14def/ 15hp/ Vine Whip/ Frenzy Plant/ Earthqueke
Steelix 2410cp 15atk/ 14def/ 15hp/ Dragon Tail/ Crunch/ Earthqueke
Registeel 2410cp 13atk/ 15def/ 14hp/ Lock-On/ Flash Cannon/ Focus Blast
Clefable 2432cp 15atk/ 15def/ 14hp/ Charm/ Psychic/ Meteor Mash
Lickilicky 2437cp 14atk/ 14def/ 13hp/ Lick/ Body Slam/ Shadow Ball
Drapion 2447cp 15atk/ 14def/ 15hp/ Bite/ Fell Stinger/ Aqua Tail
Blastoise 2453cp 15atk/ 15def/ 13hp/ Water Gun/ Hydro Cannon/ Ice Beam
Toxicroak 2465cp 14atk/ 15def/ 13hp/ Counter/ Sludge Bomb/ Mud Bomb

Right now I’m using Drapion (lead), Registeel and Drifblim. It worked before, but last two days I haven’t made any progress in rating points, so I’m thinking about switching things up.

I think that Drapion is a pretty solid lead with only 1 weakness. It’s win-ratio in 2-shield matchups is very good. And ground-moves, it’s only weakness, in the UL are expensive (I still think Swampert leads hurts, though). I think Clefable - for hardcountering Giratina’s and preventing a boosted Giratina-A from going full rampage, should Drapion face one in the lead - is a solid 2nd. But the 3rd would be a guess… Meganium annihilates Swamperts, but your team will have a rough time with fairies. Perhaps Blastoise would work here, being able to deal with both?

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