Ultra Bonus announced!


Week 1 (Sep 2 to 9): Raikou, Entei and Suicune return to raids, Unown (letters ULTRA) in 10km eggs, shiny Sentret and Gilgar released.
Week 2 (Sep 10 to 16): All Deoxys forms in regular T5 raids, Gen 1 regionals in 7km eggs.
Week 3 (Sep 17 to 23): Mewtwo with Psystrike in raids, Klink, Patrat and Lillipup released with shinies.
2 x Incubator effectiveness for all three weeks, Jirachi Special Research released.

Ahhh Shiny Mewtwo with Psystrike. The thing I’m most hyped for. Can’t wait. Also Klinklang is one of my personal favorites so I’ll grind that one too :)

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The real hat trick will be if Psystrike is raid exclusive or not.

Do you think that Gible would appear as a tier 1 raid during the first weak? It double resist fire, triple resist electric moves and do super effective damage to Entei and Raikou. The subsequent weeks will probably have Houndoom, Scyther, Misdreavous, etc., But of course we will see the real Mewtwo!, And no the cripple version from July.

I wish i was as optimistic as you lol I suppose it’s possible