Ultra league & Master League team ideas

Hey all!

So pvp talks , when it comes to GBL i got multiple teams where I feel comfortable , but when it comes to UL and ML I always stick to one team , so I’m wondering what are your go to teams for both of those leagues.

Thanks for all the anwsers ,

Peace :* !!!

These are my old Master league teams, only melmeltan is powered up beyond 50 but I have a 40 version if I fancy the premier league. The first team, last season, used to do better in open than premier even if the were not XL because of the prevalence of melmeltan.

I am expecting a melmeltan/garchomp XL in Master this year.



I had a lot of fun with the following ML team last season and look forward to using it again:

Melmetal (ts/rs/sp)

Therian Landorus (ms/se/eq)

Yveltal (s/dp/fb)

Honestly, haven’t touched ML since the XL-system debut. Kinda ruined it for me (was having lotsa fun in MLPC) and besides, there’s always been a GL special cup running concurrent that’s more fun.

  • UL open (lately): Pyroar, Gyarados, steel-bug (either Scizor or Escavalier)

  • ULPC: running a pirate themed team :pirate_flag: (since I’m kinda bored ATM) Exeggcutor, Feraligator, Infernape

P.S. I’ll usually have two teams in each that I run but lately been doing fine with just these. Had a Poliwrath, grass, Mew team but wins were less consistent than the other (might be my exp).