Ultra league meta shifting

Early on in the ultra league run (three days ago as I write this), I put together a simple team of Giratina-A, Swampert (Registeel Counter, generally great) and Alolan Muk (Giratina counter, generally tanky and strong). That team kicked butt, with me typically winning 3-4 of my 5 matches, and usually with the loss being an unforced error on my part that I learned from.

Last few days, it seems that the teams have shifted a lot. Early on, it was a lot of Giratina and Registeel, and as long as I got my matchups right, I’d win easily.

Recently, it seems that the teams I’m up against are shifting away from Regitina, and towards counters, and I’m getting hammered. Fought one earlier today that was so frustrating. Togekiss, Snorlax with Outrage (never saw another move), and Lapras with Water Gun/Surf (either the guy was a moron not using an Ice attack, or was flaunting how easy the win was - I don’t even need to Ice your Giratina to win - or he didn’t have a second move).

Are people really shifting the balance of their teams over a few days, or is this just a small sample size effect? And do you all have any good suggestions on Giratina-Counter counters? Machamp hits the dark stuff, Snorlax, and Togekiss (with Rock Slide, but Charm does a number on him), Poison works well on the fairies (Gunk Shot vs. Sludge Bomb). So Toxicroak seems like a nice option, Counter/Mud Bomb/Sludge Bomb (mud bomb gives Registeel coverage and hits Giratina for normal damage, Sludge bomb hammers the fairies. Hariyama also seems like a nice option, being able to choose between Close Combat, Superpower, Dynamic Punch, and Heavy Slam to put a hurt on Fairies. Scrafty, Lucario (soft), Poliwrath, other weird stuff, what is recommended?

What I’ve seen being popular in rank 7 is: Snorlax (often lead), Giratina-A, Swampert, and Venusaur. Some wildcards thrown in (like Charizard and Hariyama/Machamp) but always two of the above. Was expecting more Togekiss but maybe its too expensive for most to use? And I’m guessing most people’s Gyarados are in ML.

Meta seems to have shifted from Giratina<tanks (fairy, normal, steel)<fighting to also include water<grass. A good strategy seems to be to have a 'tina coverage move on every 'mon just in case (i.e. Crunch, Bite, Ice Beam, etc) but not to focus too much on hard countering it since it isn’t a given they will lead with it. Same for Snorlax.

I’ve stuck to my “throw team” since the GBL switched to Ultra, but, man, have I seen some seemingly weird leads. Things like Flareon and Blissey being the ones I remember most. I’ve also only seen two Giratinas, both Altered and there’s a bit of a trend that some (not just the Tinas) have been a good few hundred CP below cap, though the fact I’m being matched with people in the ~800 rating range means I shouldn’t be too surprised

I’ve wrecked teams with Gliscor fc/ns, Vaporeon wg/at, and Ursaring c/cc. No double moves needed, couldn’t imagine Gliscor with another move, but he does good making the other player use shields, or switch out. I’ve seen a lot of Swamperts wg/hc, or ms/hc, and vaporeon outmatched it every time (used because the others don’t counter well and best option so far) Aqua tail hits more frequent, and seems to hit harder because the lack of bulk, and vapes got that… Ursaring rarely gets in the fight, mostly cleanup.