Ultra League Omastar?

Omastar Breelom and Dragonite Maxed out .
It’s been a bleesing for me in ultra league battle since i was rockin’ it in great league but struggling to find my way in the Ultra one.
I realized during my research that Omastar was no where to be even considered as a proper choice in the ultra league.
Any thought on that?

PS : i got him using Rock throw/rock slide as a good shield buster, quicked out charged move machine.

I think it’s mainly cause Fire types are rare right now in UL. But if everyone was rocking a Darmanitan instead of a Swampert, you’d see Lord Helix.

My best Omastar is one of my vets - no legacy moves, but a ton of battles won. 2455, 15/15/13. I wanna take him to an UL battle just because.

Mud shot should charge even faster.

The thing with Omastar is… it’s rock-typing gives it two weaknesses that are commonly used and easily exploited in the Ultra league; Ground and Fighting. Swampert-molesters (aka grass-types) will also remove Omastar as easy

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