Ultra League Preperation

Ultra was my strongest league in the preseason, (I was running the dynamite team of Moltres: Sky Attack/Overheat, Machamp: Cross Chop/Rock Slide, and Giratina Ancient Power/Dragon Claw. For Season one I didn’t feel as good overall bt I think I had even better results using Lugia, Togekiss, Giratina. My main issue was encountering Articuno leads which could nearly sweep my team with Icy Wind spam. Whenever I used Machamp I got Giratina walled so I just hoped to get lucky.

This season I plan to use Melmetal, Giratina, but I’m unsure about the third. Any suggestions? Ultra was once my best League but I’ve barely paid attention to its meta. Pokémon wise, I find it to be the most diverse of the three.

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I’d say Alolan Muk, Scizor or some other counter for Giratina.

I gave my shiny Suicune a 2nd move (already had 100 Suicune candy…). Cresselia PC/FS+Moonblast, Registeel FC+FB. In the end I got more scared of Fire than A-Muk. You can always include a Swampert or a direct counter for Swampert. TBH, I’ll probably drop Suicune and use Clefable/Swampert/Venusaur just as much…me getting that Suicune with candy I already have leaves me with 115 RC in my bag…AND probably make my own ultra Gira-A

The answer is none other than Swampert. There is no better choice than Swampert. With Hydro Cannon of course.

Other options that likely fit pretty well in your team:

  • Poliwrath
  • Alolan Muk
  • Shiftry
  • Typhlosion (with Blast Burn)

I recommend not looking too much into (other) grass, fire or fairies. You don’t want to be completely prone to Swampert or Registeel when a counter to them is already down

The stardust investment is gonna be a little rough, it might be a bit before I can use my team to its full potential/ power up who I need. Thanks for the input though

I have a healthy fear of fire now, mainly because people have a healthy fear of fairy, those fairy users have fears of Gira-A+fighting pokemon. You just can’t cover all of it, but A-Muk also has a role which moreso allows HC Swampert to be many folks’ missing piece