Ultra League S2 - The rare

Here and there they are showing up: The underrated, the shadow picks and spicy picks, the difficult to get and the expensive ones - or just fun picks. After several hundreds of battles I list those which I saw only once or twice or three (ok - or four) times:

|Alolan sandslash|1|

Steelix and Feraligatr just barely escaped this list.
I want to try out Cloyster and Seismitoad, but too expensive atm. And of course Mew. Hopeless to get Shadow Claw though.

Today have set, when i seen lots mon first time in ultra. Thundurus, Landorus, Crobat, Gunfisk, Regirock, Mawile, Ampharos, Ferrothorn(best Buddy), Entei, Beartic. I think, almost all were in one set!

Mawile? Wow. Guess this is really rare. Landorus is not bad I guess. Beartic is also interesting. Ferrothorn I think is quite good, but too expensive for me to tryout.

My wife runs a team of Honchkrow-Crobat-Empolean (all bird themed). At the moment, she’s getting more wins than I am! :laughing: She also had some great success running a team with Heatran lead.

Seen a few Aggron and lots of Dragonite lately, oddly enough.


I’d like to run Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno in UL. Guess it is even not bad. Regitrio is also cool. Sadly I lack regice and Moltres. Plus of course very expensive…

Wait a minute, Crobat isn’t a bird…

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SSSSshhhhh! :speak_no_evil: You know how good their hearing is; you’ll hurt its feelings!

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I saw a lot of cloyster last season. It would be absolutely insane if it had surf or just a low cost water move, but it’s still really powerful. Kind of just performs as a tanky articuno that’s unfortunately weak to fighting.
Give it a while and I bet we will see more of ferrothorn too, not many chances thus far to get one with perfect ivs so not many running around.

I thought Ultra was going to end today or tomorrow, got til start of next week before Masters! There’s a great chance I make an Ultra Virizion and really use it. I don’t have one that goes near 2500, gonna trade myself some and see if I can get a good one…scared to roll the dice trading shinies though.

I wanted to make a 2nd moves virizion (only 58 RC missing), but I am scared with all the anti fighting types around. Cresselia and GiratinA and a charmer in one team is also common.
@canipetthatdog: yes it is an articuno-lapras chimera. Unfortunately it has lower bulk than both, even it’s high defense cannot mask it’s low HP.

Ha ha, I played with zangoose, drifblim, magnezone and it was a 3-2. Only because of giratinaO. Now they appear, lol. But I also now know why they are rarely used. Run into a normal type and they cannot do ANYTHING. Next set though went 1-4, a lot of escavaliers, that easily kills me

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Oh sorry

When my cup of FTMs was overflowing, I did an experiment with Mew, FTMing to see the pattern. It was quite clear: move A, move B, move C, move A again, move B again, move C again, etc. Next day, same behavior but moves D, E, F. Did this for 2-3 days, until I got Shadow Claw, at which point the experiment ended very abruptly, …

Now, just to get the Charged Moves I want, and reconcile myself to taking a 12/13/11 pokemon into a PvP battle, …

So I guess the take home lesson there is to get SC or any other good fast move on Mew, do three FTMs in a day, and then stop and wait until tomorrow to try again, if my small experiment is accurate. Very possible they have changed the way that FTMs are randomized between the time I did it and now.

Mew is super fun in UL, I wasn’t sure if I’d regret taking it beyond GL but it’s much less squishy, which gives it much more time to do what it does best - baiting and bluffing. I’ve tried mine in various positions, and I found it struggles in the lead a bit as generally the first charge move will always get shielded and once the opponent knows the moveset, it’s very easy to beat. It makes a good ‘safe’ switch as it functions a bit like an agent of chaos and the opponent will often switch assuming you have the moveset to beat their lead. Charge moves really just depend on your team composition for this. It could also make a great closer as there are very few mons in UL that can OHKO it (basically shadow ball users and shiftry) but I haven’t managed to find the right moveset yet

Volt switch is also quite viable this season as the meta is less focused around giratina and swampert but riskier in the chaotic switch role and generally shadow claw is still preferable for most threats

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I got clapped by an Umbreon today. That was annoying.

Hahaha. Don’t know why someone should use it, given that there is a thing called alolan Muk, but well… Then skarmory would make more sense if we are talking about GL favourites.

A-Muk is in my stable, but it has to run from Swampert, and has to worry about Snorlax’s Earthquake a lot. Does a number on Giratina and Cresselia, though, and can eke out a win against Venusaur. Not fond of fairies, despite being able to throw Sludge Wave or the garbage can (Gunk Shot) at them - the dark typing’s weakness cancels out poison’s resistance to fairies.

Pondered playing regular Muk - poison jab, thunder punch and Dark Pulse is a nice moveset, but it loses to too many other things. Might work really well when everyone is leading fairies and Charizard, though.

But do you know any disadvantage compared to Umbreon? I guess it has the same weakness vs fairies. Might be a bit better against psychic if it has last resort though.
Oh and forget Muk. I tried it, it has nice coverage but the good thing of alolan Muk are the resistances/nearly no weaknesses. Especially because swampert (and later escavalier) are nearly the only ones running ground

A-Muk’s poison typing resists fairy (just like it does for Venusaur); combined with Dark’s weakness to fairy, that makes A-Muk neutral to Fairy, but Fairies resist Snarl, and Sludge Wave/Gunk Shot take a while to power up even with the good energy generation from Snarl.

The other problem Umbreon has in the UL is the low CP. Maxed out and perfect it gets to 2137, you could take that up a bit with a Best Buddy bump, but it’s still well short of Shiftry’s 2333, which is usable, but many people still consider a handicap.

The main differences between Umbreon and A-Muk stem from the poison typing. Umbreon is weak to fairy, fighting, and bug, and resists Dark, Ghost, and Psychic. A-Muk is only weak to Ground, and resists Dark, Ghost, Grass, Poison, and Psychic. The net changes are A-muk loses all three weaknesses of Umbreon, but gets weakness Ground, and gains resistances to Grass and Poison. On balance a much better profile. Umbreon has Snarl and a choice between Dark Pulse and Foul play, or both if Return isn’t an option (take it if it is). A-Muk has Snarl and Dark Pulse, and a choice between Sludge Wave (faster) or Gunk Shot (bigger, almost same DPE, so slower). The gimmicky Acid Spray is not overly effective except as a parting shot to your foe’s last pokemon - in any other situation, foe just switches out to remove the debuff. Most importantly, A-Muk needs to be powered up pretty high, but can reach the CP 2500 cap for the UL, unlike Umbreon.

Thanks for pointing that out - this is exactly what I would have written with a bit more time, super!
Stats alone are still impressive for Umbreon though, with a pvpoke overall product value of up to
4087 - a considerable tank (everything more than 4000 I consider as tanky ;)). This is not far from the 4191 from Alolan Muk - but still worse of course.

4087 is less than 4191, but in the ball park, and makes one wonder how good Umbreon would be if one could pop it up to level 45-50 and have a CP around 2500 - I suspect the OPV would be well above 4300 then.

I absolutely love Umbreon’s tankiness in the Great League - it’s been one of my staples since GLB started.