Ultra League Teams Adjustment

Team: Granbull, Swampy, Melmetal

Currently using Granbull as my lead and it’s working well with charm + crunch (no second move) But I’d want to maximize my performance if possible. Rate my alternative choices or let me know if I should stick with it.
Clefable, charm + Meteror Mash/Moonblast
Shiftree, Snarl + Leaf Blade/Foul Play (leaning towards this as I’ve just got a 98% 14/15/15 lucky)
or do I stick with Granbull?
A lot of my matches, people will switch to Venusaur against Granbull if they lead with Giratina. In this scenario I switch to Melmetal and take out the Venusaur, however this would leave me open to other threats like Gyrados that I’d need Melmetal to beat, since it’d be rather beaten up after fighting Venusaur. I think switching to a Shiftree lead would allow me to deal with a switched in Venusaur without switching but at the cost of one shield minimum before I switch to Melmetal. It’d also cover Swampert and Giratina Leads better than Granbull.

Clefable seems less wide reaching than Granbull, (If I encounter a Registeel late in the match Granbull canndo neutral damage with crunch, or hit a Close Combat if I unlock it) but I’d thought I’d include it.
My main issues are against other Swampert. Shiftree would act as a hard counter without sacrificing effectiveness against Giratina and other dragon-types, but leave me more open to Charizard and the occasional fighting-types.

Personally I’d ditch melmetal as it’s a legendary (or mythical whatever).
But if you don’t want to do that …
Shiftry makes a decent lead as Giratina/Swampert leads are common and pretty much people will switch to either some fairy or some fire type, which you are able to counter (Can’t do anything about fight types though).
Clefable is beautiful but shines if you can get it stuck on favorable match up.

How about the other two? If you lead with granbull and start at disadvantage (Say, Venusaur), your only switch is Melmetal and they’ll switch a Melmetal counter, with Venusaur safe ready to smek both Granbull and Swampert.

@Zedtoned Personally, I would ditch Swampert, because it is too strong (in the vein of @Haruka_the_Sylveon).

No, seriously, Clefable outperforms Granbull stat-wise since it is a lot bulkier - I would use it because of that. Also I would not worry about the charged move! You Dark-type crunch has three ineffective tagets which are also super common! Fighting, Dark, Fairy. With your Clefable you have only two, of which only one is very common (steel), but the other is basically only Charizard.
Shiftry has got a super moveset but it is dead immediately vs all fairies: One Charm hits it with 30 damage!! Even vs Giratina with DB it has serious problems because of its non-existent defense (after Gengar the worst glass cannon)

Granbull looks better than Clefable when locked in bad matchup, cause Close Combat hit pretty hard non Venu and Charizard counters. But in Charmer vs Charmer, Clefable win vs other Charmers, while Granbull always lose and overall Clefable is bulkier.

Maybe try lead Melmetal? Nothing use Mud Slap here. Fire Spin only Charizard, but it isnt bad matchup, because one Rock Slide KO him and he need use two shields to win and you even can win, if dont get baited to DC. Typhlosion loose in 2v2. The only issue would be rare Counter users, but i seen only 4 times as leads( Hariyama, Lucario, Machamp, Escavalier)

Is steel is your biggest concern I would indeed save for the second move of Granbull. That doesn’t solve a lot of problems, since it usually works only if your enemies shields are all burnt (or playing against a noob who forgets that Granbull might run CC).

Melmetal versus Charizard with two shields can be risky. Fire spin does a lot of damage over time and higher ranked players are extremely unpredictable when baiting shields. (They’ll assume I know about bait and use blast burn anyway… or they could not. There’s no way to know). Swampert uses Mud Shot, which while, it doesn’t do a lot of damage, it’s charge speed and overall type advantage against Melmetal and its moves leave it open to an Earthquake (similar guessing game with bait situations.) Same bait situations with Registeel as well, despite it being uncommon where I’m at currently…
Overall, a Melmetal lead wouldn’t serve me well in most matches. As soon as I switch I’ll start getting fighting type leads too, you know how it is.

@stativision u r 2 cute

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Please, Haru-chan. I’m the cutest one here >:)
Your input was appreciated and I’m taking it into consideration at the drawing board.

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Thanks - and sorry, I could not resist ;)
Especially cause Melmetal is quite a bit weaker than Swampert in some regards. To be honest the rest of your advice I found interesting as well, even though I am not the opinion that Shiftry is that great vs Giratina.

If Shadow Claw, then its esy battle for Shiftry.

I really like him as Lead. Beat Swampert, vs DB Tina wont win, but will take 2 Shields often sacrificing one, which is okay. Empoleon, A Mewtwo, Venu are also fine matchups. Only Charmers, Charizard and rare fighters are problem.

Plus Shiftry loses to Alolan Muk, plus problems with venusaur, plus iceys (can’t even beat Lapras)… I guess Poliwrath is half a fighter, but quite common - also a problem. So basically, Shiftry loses to half of the meta… I was thinking about powering one up, but luckily, I thought twice.

I mean, it is not bad, and works as a lead when combined with tanks, but I would look elsewhere to complete the above team.

Alolan Muk is overall my worst matchup in this team + Charizard. but can not cover everything.

I never lose to Venusar lead with my Shiftry and i outcharge Poliwrath. Im not regret maxing + double moves from lvl 5 perfect Seedot.

I even can take Snorlax leads 2 Shields + 90% HP at cost of one shield and shiftry, also nice bonus.

Well - one sludge bomb and shiftry is gone, while venusaur could take 2 fould plays easily.

I do that calculation:

Shiftry wins only (without probs) vs

High abundant

SC GiratinA

Medium abundant

Empoleon (rather rare)
Armored Mewtwo

Has problems against

High abundant


Medium abundant


Loses hard vs

HIgh abundant

Alolan Muk

Medium abundant
Iceys (Lapras/Articuno)

Definitely looks not THAT great to me

Where I’m at Venusaur is nonexistent (2325), I see Shiftry though. Then again I saw 3 Escavalier leads in a row today, and others say the’ve seen 3 total. I got my Poliwrath finished before I did 4 of my 5 sets today (Regi, Cress, Poli). I treaded water (gained 12 points total) but it would have been a losing day without Poliwrath…many Snorlax and many Swampert (some Shiftry and Escavalier)

Cresselia always switch away or i win. Never lose Lead, same goes vs Venusaur. As i said, Charizard, A Muk Charmers forcing me switch, but all mon have weakness.

Never face Lapras, Typhlosion and Escavalier leads, but the last one would definetely force me switch. Poliwrath few times but either they switch instantly or later or it was Bubble variant. Regi is really rare and never as lead, usually as a closer or switch. Scizor is annoying if run Fury Cutteer,

I never see Venusaur anymore either. Cresselia pushes it out me thinks. Not just because it’s good against it but because people tend to run dark and ghost counters now to cover GirA and Cress at the same time as opposed to charmers which just hit GirA.
That being said Swampert has become a very safe pick. Charmers however are only going to get you so far, but I’d take clefable over Granbull any day, especially on a team like yours that could use more bulk. Better in neutral matchups too.

Damn you guys are really making me feel bad about using a lucky trade for that Shiftree >~<
Oh well, I can always use it at the beginning of next season’s ultra league

Looking for advice like that here isn’t that recommended, let your creativity play if you feel that way.
I use Alolan Ninetales on 2500 league (I run Powder Snow + Blizzard & Psyshock). People would be like WTF and I’m like unshielded blizzards are very satisfying and not too hard to pull.
So unless you really aim for rank 9 or 10 like super hard don’t bother with conventional types, most likely will drain you rather than boost you.

That is what I’m aiming for (ninetales would’ve been considered over potentially using Articuno, if I had one strong enough.) My god though, gaining rank is a slog even with 4/5 and 5/5 wins. I guess I keep getting matched with lower ranked people.
Just did a 4/5 set and moved up 10 points…

I had few days ago 1996 points and after 2 x 3/5 i had 1999( first 3/5 was 0 gain). So great job for idiots whos made that system :)