Ultra League- Togekiss or Clefable or Swampert?

So Ive been running Clefable for a while now in Ultra League with Great success, even at level 38. So good that ive been using him for Master League and it worked out better than my higher CP mons because he munches Dragons and they dont usually have counters at my level.

So Clefable, now level 40 (with buddy boost on the way) 93% CP2412 14/14/14. 181HP (quite bulky) with Charm and Meteor Mash. I could add a Dazzling Gleam down the road but no Candies.

He chews through Giratina and is very good against most types and its been working out as a 3rd as most of the time Giratina comes out 3rd at my level.

I’ve been running:

  • 1st Gyarados CP2480 2/4/11 - Dragon Breath, Outrage/Crunch. Dragon Breath Chews health of fast

  • 2nd Alolan Muck CP2493 15/11/15 - Poison Jab, Dark Pulse. Muck seems to be a hard for people to deal with and unexpected. (For Gya and Muck, Crunch and Dark Pulse seem to get off fast to eat shields or at least inflict decent damage all round)

  • 3rd Clefable CP2412 14/14/14.- Charm and Meteor Mash. (slow to build up energy but powerful in most situations, quick attack seems to eat health, Meteor Mash never fails to finish)

I don’t have much to take its place, don’t have raid partners so rely on what Niantic gives to loners.

I do have a Togekiss iv’e been working on.

Togekiss 91% CP2490 13/14/14 145HP - Charm, Dazzling Gleam (less bulky than Clefable but seems just as powerful in most areas)

Swampert 78% CP2496 5/15/15 177HP - Mud Shot, Hydro Cannon/Muddy Water
I tried Swampert a few times and i’m not feeling it, everybody else uses it or tries to counter it and its pretty weak in power and spammy, but seems to be annoying and bulky.

Looking at the tier list to power up I have a MewTwo 11/15/14, Charizard 13/14/15, Lapras 10/14/15, Cresselia 11/12/15 at CP1188 (miles away) and a Snorlax 10/11/15 which is also miles away at CP1778. A Shiftry 11/12/14 and a random Scrafty, Poliwrath, Steelix and Mew that are miles away from CP2500.

Any suggestions for a better team, should I pump up the Togekiss to max for Master League and keep Clefable in it’s place as 3rd?

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push Togekiss to ML (if you don’t have a better IV one), its good but nothing special in UL (i know from experience lol). for the time being, keep Clefable (ideally best-buddied), i’d swap in Swampert over Gyrados (TM muddy water to earthquake) as Swampert cover’s Clefable’s steel weakness, wins almost every neutral matchup & performs quite admirably vs Gira-A (plus you have Muk/Clefable for Gira as well, Gyrados is not necessary at all).

when you have the resources power up M2 (assuming its armored, if not don’t bother), Cress, Snorlax & Lapras for variety/extra coverage as needed


I second @mr.zero - and like to add the note that Snorlax is not miles away actually it reaches 2500 quite fast. How far is the Shiftry? The values are not so nice, so in general I would not use it, but if its maxed, you can give it a try. But I think Alolan Muk is quite powerful, so to me that Swampert/Clefable/Alolan Muk reads quite nice. Just be sure how to deal with grass matchups! Therefore either lead with Swampert and have a safe switch (both, Clefable and Alolan Muk are ok for that) or lead with Pixi and DON’T get locked with Swampert if they switch into something steel (Alolan Muk actually is not that bad against steel as well).


Well, you could go for something annoying and bulky like Milotic with Dragon Tail/Surf. That’s the water type on my team (And it’s shiny!!!) Though I do think going for Clefable with Charm is a good idea especially since way too many people are using Giratina. Clefable gave my team a lot of trouble in the Great League, even though there were hardly any Dragonites. As for the third Pokémon, try a Legendary, maybe.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I don’t know why I had Swampert with both Hydro Cannon/Muddy Water. I changed Muddy Water to Earthquake and it’s done wonders. Replaced Gyarados entirely.

Shiftry 11/12/14 wouldn’t take long to power up, is it worth it?

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Shiftry is not that much better (if at all) than Alolan Muk, so save the ressources. A 15/15/15 would be interesting though…


So I changed Gyrados to Swampert with Hydro Cannon Earthquake.

Massive improvement, Swampert feels so broken, I feel dirty using it. The energy build up is so fast, each charged move is pretty powerful and between them good coverage.

If Hydro Canon is not working Earthquake will smash them, doesnt matter if I choose wrong, 4 fast attacks and ive got another, its completely ridiculous.

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Why not all of them? Those 2 fairies teams are invincible. Swampert + Clefable + Togekiss and screw up the world. I keep finding teams like that and i instaquit. It’s a waste of time to even try.

I faced a team at 2300 with Swampert, Escavalier AND Melmetal. That is a lot of muscle to beat Registeel (and fast charged moves). Last night carried either fighting or fire especially for Escavalier…I had Cresselia lead which beat the Swampert, then Heracross beat the other two by itself. They never saw that I did have a Registeel. I might make an ultra Togekiss now though beats Poliwrath, Escavalier, Obstagoon…pretty good vs Gira-A;)

I didn’t see ANY single Registeel in S1, neither have seen any one yet in S2. UL i mean. GL is Registeel-F4zumarill party.

Well, I tried to make a UL Togekiss…I have a Master’s maxed AP+FT. I have an 1891 Togekiss BUT only 63 candy…My son had a 2455 that turned out not great for UL. I traded him a 2385 Flygon w/Earth Power for his Togekiss (he has a Shiny Togepi to make one later). I got the Togekiss 15/10/15…with one more powerup it would go to 2501. I’m not scared of Togekiss (bc I have a Registeel) but I wanted Togekiss’ UL offense. I am scared of Escavalier and Swampert (I guess Obstagoon now, too). So I’m making a Poliwrath today, bonus it doesn’t mind fire.

I seen Escavalier once. Forgot his typing but my Shiftry and Clefable all possibe moves was NVE…

Regi maybe 3-4 times. Both are quite rare, same Obstagoon.

Escavalier starts top-half of rank 8 and above…even at 10/10/10 needs to be level 33.5, so that takes candy. I use Cresselia and Registeel. If someone has an Escavalier and I don’t have anything ok or better than Escavalier (Swampert/Poliwrath/Fire/Togekiss) then Escavalier will easily beat Cresselia with Megahorn. Then it will do fast drill runs and beat Registeel, barely matters what else they are using.

If you’re ever curious how good your team is check out PvPoke’s Team Builder tool. It’ll give you a Threat Score which is how weak your team is to certain Pokemon and show you the various matchups and suggestions to improve the team. OP here’s your team:

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I lost to a Swampert today with Hydrocannon and Muddy Water. They started Swampert and charged a lot, not even sure what I lead but it fled with a lot of stored energy and not much health. Just in case I saved 2 shields bc I had a Registeel in back…when it got to the end Swampert did a HC, I blocked it. Zero seconds later they did a Muddy Water, I blocked it again…then a Hydrocannon a bit later. I lost.

nice!! yeah swampert almost seems cheap to use lmao but after the HC nerf he’s not insanely OP anymore lol

Thanks, never saw this website before, saved into bookmarks