Ultra Uber Tank Selkie

Look at her. She’s beautiful. I’ll have you do the calculations for buffs and beast effect stuff because I’m too lazy but look at her. Look. At. Her. Magic? What is that? Swords and stuff? You’re barely nicking her unless it’s a beast weapon or axe. Speed? Don’t even mention it, you can’t double her. Ever.
I love her so much. She’s such a good girl who deserves many pats.


Bow users: :oph:
Still looks good
Audino about making Selkie a mixed tank, but with proper buffs it might work

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But her skills are the buffs. Solo buffs :eyes:

Nice. Her buff stacking is fun. Here’s mine (cheap build but hey it works alright)

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Doesn’t Selkie’s weapon only compare visible res stats and not combat buffs?

I’m sure she’s fantastic anyway, tho.

Oh wait, I missed Spd/Res Link. But enemy phase isn’t generally the best for Cavalier Beasts, anyway.


Uh oh
That’s scary
I’ll get bluebell to protect me

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She looks wonderful :birbpeek:
It’s a nice build.

Just wait for Rouse Def/Res to come out it would be one of her best C skill’s since it’ll help her weapon every turn while saving a b skill, personally I like Atk/Def solo but Def/Res can be useful on her

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you wouldn’t dare

Hmm… My Thea wouldn’t mind going a few rounds against her. She looks great though. Nice!

You know… I just got to reading the part of not doing damage to her unless they are an Axe unit or with beast killing weapons… and that you can’t double her ever… Picnic Falicia

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Well yeah, but I’m obviously never gonna put her in front of her, that’s actual suicide :p

Kinda feel like darting stance 3 is overkill on the speed

Well I had no better seals and I had DS3 just sitting around so I was like, y not? Now no one can double her.